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Discover Mise-au-jeu!

An Overview

Enjoy a more thrilling gaming experience with Mise-o-jeu. Discover all the possibilities now.

With Mise-o-jeu, the minimum number of predictions is 1 and the maximum is 8. To register your selection with only one prediction, you must play questions marked with an  in the Betting offer section of This type of bet is called a "single bet."

Two types of questions can be played as single bets: those relating to more than one event and those combining two questions in one.

For example, you may choose to just predict the winner of the question "Which player will score the highest number of points during the regular season?" or the outcome of the question "Who will win the match and by how many goals" in order to register your selection.

You can make predictions on events you choose, mixing and matching all sports.

Example of a selection mixing different sports and events

The betting offer and odds can be updated throughout the day. However, a winning selection will be paid out as per the odds indicated on your lottery ticket.

Moreover, results are entered into Loto-Québec's central computer system at various times throughout the day to enable you to claim your winnings faster.

Visit the "Results" section to view the results that have been entered into the system and against which you may claim your winnings.

Mise-o-jeu provides you with three ways of registering your selection:

  • Purchase Online through your Espacejeux account. Once your transaction has been successfully completed, your selection will be registered and you will obtain your lottery ticket. 
  • Print your selection and corresponding bar code, which will enable a Loto-Québec retailer to register your selection and issue your lottery ticket.
  • Fill out a selection slip and bring it to a Loto-Québec retailer to register your selection and receive your lottery ticket.

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