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Browse the Betting Offer

The betting offer can be sorted in 2 ways:

1. Sort by Types of Bet

In the Betting Offer section under the Sort by Types of Bet tab, select the sport and the sub-category you're interested in.

The corresponding betting offer and odds associated with each prediction will then be displayed.

The Main Types of Bets zone at the top of the betting offer displays the most popular bets for the selected sport and sub-category.

Select or de-select the types of bets you want displayed or removed. The list of bets will update instantaneously.

2. Sort by Hour

Mise-o-jeu also allows you to search the betting offer by hour in order to see the bets on imminent events.

Click on the Sort by Hour button, then choose the sport you are interested in.

Listed bets are sorted according to time limit. The first bets displayed are those whose time limit is the closest.

The Available Periods zone allows you to select available bets according to certain time periods. Choose one of the 6 periods shown and the betting offer will automatically update.

Please note that the offer sorted by hour is a summary and only shows one type of question for the selected sport.

However, a link at the right of each question lets you access the complete list of bets for an event.


The complete betting offer is only available online.

Your retailer can give you a betting offer, but it will only be a partial one. The offer that is available at your retailer is drawn up by sport.

You may also ask for the "Multisports" betting offer, which includes a selection of events from various sports.

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