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How to play

Find out how to play Prédictions with this interactive animated demo.
Play the Prédictions demo

  1. Each week, get the applicable Prédictions List from a Loto‑Québec retailer or on the Gaming Offer section of this site.
  2. On a selection slip, check off the sport applicable to the selected List. Then, predict the winning team for all the matches on this List (one selection) by checking off the corresponding boxes on the selection slip. You can make up to two selections per slip for a given sport.
  3. Have your selection(s) registered before the closing time of bets specified on the List. Each selection costs $5.


Football list for the matches played on September 6, 2015

For match 1, if you choose Buffalo and this team wins the match, your prediction is exact. The same applies to all other matches on the List.

A winning selection is determined by having the greatest number of exact predictions or the second greatest number of exact predictions among all valid selections registered for a given List, based on the official results issued by Loto‑Québec.

In the example below, 1 participant had a winning selection, with 14 exact predictions out of 15 matches, and 24 participants had the second greatest number of exact predictions with 13 exact predictions out of 15.

At Prédictions - HOCKEY, the outcome of a match is determined AFTER overtime play and shootout.

In the event that the outcome of a match is a tie, the following rules apply:

  • The team identified by an asterisk (*) on the applicable List is deemed to be the winner.
  • If no team is thus identified, all predictions on that match are deemed to be accurate.



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