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General Questions

When are updates made to the betting offer?

Betting offer and odds can be updated at any time.

How can I browse the betting offer of the next few hours?

In the Betting Offer section, click on Sort by Hour then choose the sport you’re interested in. 

The list of available bets is sorted by their respective time limits. The first bets displayed are those whose time limit is the closest. The time limit is the latest time at which a prediction about a question can be registered. 

The Available Periods zone allows you to select the available bets by time period. Choose one of the 6 periods shown and the betting offer will automatically update. 

Please note that the offer sorted by hour is a summary that only shows the most popular types of question for the selected sport.

How can I browse the complete betting offer for an event?

A link located at the right of each question provides access to the complete list of available bets for an event.

What is the meaning of the odds?

Odds are given for each prediction. The odds determine the potential win on your bet. To find out the potential winnings, you need to multiply the odds on your bet by the amount wagered (subject to the Dead Heat Rule). All predictions of a selection must be accurate in order to win.

How are the odds calculated?

The odds are calculated based on several factors, including the probability of the prediction being accurate and its popularity among bettors.

For example, the lower the probability is of a prediction being accurate, the higher are the odds given to it.

Since odds reflect bettor predictions, odds may vary among the various sports bet companies in the world.

Who makes the odds?

Odds are made by a Loto-Québec sports bet team of experts, who rely on historical statistics of sports and sales, among other tools.

How are potential winnings calculated?

Potential winnings are the amount of your wager multiplied by each of the odds associated to your predictions (subject to the Dead Heat Rule).
(ex: 1st odds X 2nd odds X wager = Potential winnings).

How much does a wager cost?

At a Loto-Québec retailer, you can decide on the amount of your wager on a selection slip. This amount can be $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 or $100.

If you play online, this amount may vary from $1 to $100, to the closest dollar. You can also generate a bar code to issue and purchase a ticket from a retailer.

What is the prediction number and what is it used for?

The prediction number is a five-digit number used to identify a possible outcome to a question and associated with a set of Mise-o-jeu odds. These odds are only available from a Loto-Québec retailer.

As an example, for a Pittsburgh vs. Montréal match, a Montréal victory prediction could have prediction number 02461 and associated odds of 1.90. If the odds change, so will the prediction number.

Also, different odds and a different prediction number would be associated to a Pittsburgh victory prediction.

You will need the appropriate prediction numbers to fill out your Mise-o-jeu selection slip that is available at your Loto-Québec retailer.

What is a Single bet?

Single bet questions do not need to be combined with other questions in order to be registered as a selection. Only questions identified by an  on the web site may be played as single bets.

Due to certain aspects of the Criminal Code, not all questions may be offered as single bets.

Two types of questions can be played as single bets: those relating to more than one event and those combining two questions in one.

For example, the question “Who will win the match and by how many goals” requires a prediction on the winner of the match AND the number of goals by which the match is won.

What is a Mise-o-jeu+ exclusive bet?

A Mise-o-jeu+ exclusive bet, identified by  sign, is a question that is only available on the web site or the mobile app. Bar codes cannot be generated for selections that contain at least one web exclusive type of bet.

Why are some prediction combinations not allowed?

It is possible that a selection cannot be registered because the sales limit for that selection or for a given prediction has been reached.

Other prediction combinations may also not be allowed if there is a correlation between them, that is to say that predictions from a given selection are related, have an impact on one another or are contradictory.

For example, for a match Montreal vs. Boston, you could not wager on the questions "What will be the final score of the match?" and "Match winner", because if the prediction "Montreal will win 3 to 1" came to be, the prediction "Montreal wins" would necessarily occur as well. Conversely, if the prediction "Montreal will win 3 to 1" came to be, it would be impossible for the prediction "Boston wins" to occur as well.

For more details on correlations, visit the Correlations section.

What does the abbreviation SO stand for in hockey and soccer?

SO stands for "shootout".

Main Types of Bets

What is Match Winner-2 way type of bet?

For questions of this type, you need to predict the outcome of an event, without any possibility of ties between teams or individuals. 

For example, in hockey, you would bet on the team you believe will win the match, after any overtime periods and shootouts if necessary.

What is Match Winner-3 way type of bet?

For questions of this type, you need to predict the winning outcome of an event between the three available outcomes.

For example, for soccer, you would bet on the team that you believe will win the match, or on a tie. In this example, the match outcome is determined before any overtime periods and any shootouts.

What is Match Winner with spread type of bet?

For questions with spreads, Loto-Québec sets out in the Mise-o-jeu Betting offer a number (the spread) used to determine by how many goals (points, strokes or other) a team or individual must beat his opponent for a prediction to be accurate.

Except for golf, the favourite of an event is indicated by a negative (-) sign in front of the spread and the underdog, by a positive (+) sign.

The favourite is deemed to be the winner if he wins the event by a margin that is greater than the spread.

For example, in a match Montréal vs. Boston and where the spread attributed is 1.5 and for which Montréal is named the favourite (by a negative sign), Montréal must win by two goals or more. Furthermore, Boston is deemed to be the winner if: (1) Montréal wins the match by one goal, (2) the match is a tie, or (3) Boston wins the match.

The team or individual deemed to have won for this type of bet is thus not necessarily the winner of the event.

What is Total type of bet?

For questions of this type, you predict whether or not the total number of goals, points or strokes in one or several events will be greater "+" or lesser "-" than the number set by Loto-Québec and specified in the Betting offer.

For example: For the question "Total number of goals in the match" for the match Montreal vs. Toronto, Loto-Québec determines that the total number of goals will be 6.5. 

If the score at the end of the match is 5-3, the total number of goals scored is 8. The winning outcome here would have been "more than 6.5".

What is Opposing players type of bet?

This type of questions covers performance of players during an event or several events. You have to predict which one of the two opposing players will have the best result.

For example: "Who will register the most strikeouts?"

Register Your Selection

How can I register my selection?

Three options are available to register your selection:


You can purchase your selection online by clicking on the Purchase Online button. In order to do so, you need to have an Espacejeux account on Loto-Québec's online gaming web-site. Once your transaction has been successfully completed, your selection will be registered.

Print Your Selection

You can print your selection containing your predictions and the corresponding bar code by clicking on the Print your Selection and Bar code button. The bar code will enable a Loto-Québec retailer to register your selection and issue your lottery ticket.

You have to go to a Loto-Québec retailer and present your bar code in order to have your selection registered and to receive your lottery ticket.

Fill out a Selection Slip

You can also fill out a Mise-o-jeu selection slip, available from all Loto-Québec retailers. You have to mark on the selection slip the 5-digit prediction number for each of your predictions as well as the amount of your wager and hand the slip to a retailer to register your selection and receive your lottery ticket.

How can I play online?

With Mise-o-jeu, you can purchase your selections online. You must first have an Espacejeux account.

To open an account, click on the Register button. You will be redirected to the secure registration form of Loto-Québec's online gaming website.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will need to deposit sufficient funds to your Espacejeux account by clicking on the Deposit link before you can play.

If you already have an Espacejeux account, click on the Log in button to log on. Identify yourself by entering your Username and Password.

Once you have logged in to your account, make your selection and click on the Purchase Online button to confirm your selection and complete the transaction.

Once you have successfully completed the transaction, your Espacejeux account will be debited for the amount of your wager, and your account balance will be updated.

What is the bar code and what is it used for?

The bar code is an alternative to the selection slip. In the Betting offer section, you can print a selection containing your predictions and the bar code by clicking on the Print your selection and bar code button.

Remember, you must go to a Loto-Québec retailer in order to have your selection registered and to receive your lottery ticket

What is the closing time for registering my bet?

Dates and times specified in the Mise-o-jeu Betting offer in connection with a question indicate the time limit by which a prediction on this question can be registered ("the time limit").

Can I cancel my wager after it has been registered?

Selections that are registered through transactions made at a Loto-Québec retailer can be cancelled only within thirty (30) minutes of its registration, but never after the first time limit pertaining to the selection or never after midnight the day of its registration.

Selections that are registered through online transactions or by using a mobile device such as a smart phone or electronic tablet cannot be cancelled.

Other Games

What is the game PRÉDICTIONS?

Prédictions is a sports pool game that lets you compete against other sports fans in Québec.

To participate, get the applicable Prédictions List from a Loto Québec retailer or visit the Gaming Offer. Then, complete a selection slip and present it to a Loto Québec retailer who will issue your lottery ticket.

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