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Shaun Starr
Shaun Starr
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2015 NFL Week 11 - Football - 2015-11-20It feels like it’s been a “dog” kind of NFL season as we move into Week 11, you know?   >>>
2015 CFL Division Finals - Football - 2015-11-20I've been spending a lot of time on the NFL over the last few weeks, and maybe that's due in part to the Alouettes finishing off a terrible year on the outside looking in at a playoff spot for the first time in nearly two decades.   >>>
Arizona at Montréal - Hockey - 2015-11-19The Montréal Canadiens are back at it Thursday night at the Centre Bell as they play host to the Arizona Coyotes, who apparently have been in town here for a little bit, which is never a good thing.   >>>
2015 Sunday Ticket NFL – Week 10 - Football - 2015-11-13I’m back in the groove of winning more than I’m losing.   >>>
Oh, that Rex Ryan, he’s really something - Football - 2015-11-12I know ownership in Buffalo loves big names and flashy stars whenever they can land them, either with the Sabres or the Bills, but Rex Ryan walks and talks like a team that is 6-2; instead, the reality is a 4-4 record.   >>>
No Carey Price, No Problem - Hockey - 2015-11-11The Habs are without Carey Price when they play at Pittsburgh against the Penguins Wednesday night, and for some, it’s ok because Mike Condon is here to save the day.   >>>
2015 NFL Sunday Ticket–Week 9 - Football - 2015-11-06Already into Week 9 of the NFL season and I’m not sure we have a clearer outlook of who’s who in the league going into this Sunday.   >>>
2015 Sunday Ticket–NFL Week 8 - Football - 2015-10-30I went with a different approach last week, deciding to play some additional point spread options and some straight up winners.   >>>
Dolphins versus Patriots - Football - 2015-10-28It’s been an odd start to the NFL season for yours truly.   >>>
Canadiens Winning Streak - Hockey - 2015-10-27How much longer can this Canadiens winning streak go on, really?   >>>
2015 Sunday Ticket–Week 7 - Football - 2015-10-23And while Oakland was my top pick in the off-season when it came to crappy teams not being as crappy, they should be bigger dogs than what they are on Sunday in San Diego.   >>>
NFL Week 7 Kickoff: Seattle vs San Francisco - Football - 2015-10-21It’s hard for me to back San Francisco in this spot Thursday night.   >>>
Habs and Blues - Hockey - 2015-10-19Montréal at 6-0 to start the season take on the 5-1 Blues who going into Monday night have scored more goals (21) than any other team in the NHL.   >>>
2015–NFL Week 6 - Football - 2015-10-16I’m back in the saddle as we move toward another full-filled Sunday in the National Football League.   >>>
NFL Week 6–Atlanta v. New Orleans - Football - 2015-10-15Back in the saddle with the Sunday ticket: After a 1-3 against the spread Week 4, I turned it around with a 3-1 against the number Week 5.   >>>
2015 NFL Week 5–Sunday Ticket - Football - 2015-10-09Jay Cutler is back at the helm for the Chicago Bears and they're in tough against a Kansas City team, playing at home.   >>>
2015 – Thursday Night NHL - Hockey - 2015-10-07The NHL season is back, and for the next six months, all we’re going to do is debate wins and losses and whether 3-on-3 scoring should count in the official player stats.   >>>
2015 NFL Week 4 Sunday Ticket - Football - 2015-10-02Back to the winning ways for the Sunday Ticket in Week 3.   >>>
Kickoff NFL Week 4–Baltimore v. Pittsburgh - Football - 2015-09-30We're off and running into the fourth week of NFL Football and already the Baltimore Ravens are up against it.   >>>
CFL Week 15–Alouettes v. Redblacks - Football - 2015-09-30Week 14 was not a kind one to the Montréal Alouettes.   >>>
2015 NFL Sunday Ticket-Week 3 - Football - 2015-09-24Like it or lump it kids, it’s a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of world. Forget about the 2-1 opening week and the winning picks on my Twitter page (@Starr690),back to earth I came with a 1-2 performance from last week’s column.   >>>
Washington at NY Giants–NFL Week 3 - Football - 2015-09-24Week 3 opens up with a battle of old school versus old school.   >>>
2015 Sunday Ticket – NFL Week 2 - Football - 2015-09-18Off to a decent start in the short goings of yet another NFL season.   >>>
NFL Week 2 - Thursday Night Edition - Football - 2015-09-16Week 2 in the NFL kicks off on Thursday night, pitting Peyton Manning and his Broncos at Kansas City against coach Andy Reid’s Chiefs defence.   >>>
CFL Week 13-2015 - Football - 2015-09-16The lines are out for the kick-off to Week 13 in the Canadian Football League, and I wonder what the Alouettes have done to earn the right to 10.5 favs at home against Winnipeg?   >>>
Sunday Ticket is Back - Football - 2015-09-11Yesterday began the long journey through the next seventeen weeks of NFL regular season football on Mise-o-jeu. You can expect my “Sunday Ticket” column for each and every NFL Sunday right here in this very space.   >>>
2015 NFL Season Part II: AFC Division Winners - Football - 2015-09-10Brady is free, the Jets stink, the Dolphins are high on a lot of people’s radar and then there’s the Bills.   >>>
The next Canadiens Captain is... - Hockey - 2015-09-08Odds makers at Mise-o-jeu HQ have put forth the following question: Who will be named the next full-time team captain for Montréal? (Only one captain must be named.)   >>>
CFL Monday Doubleheader - Football - 2015-09-04Week 11 in the CFL wraps up with a Labour Day Monday doubleheader.   >>>
2015 NFL Season Part 1: NFC Division Winners and Team Win Totals - Football - 2015-09-04And just like that, another NFL regular season is upon us.   >>>
FedEx Cup PGA Playoffs - Golf - 2015-08-26POW! We’re here! The start of the PGA tour playoffs is set to begin with the first event, the Barclays.   >>>
Alouettes-CFL Week 10 - Football - 2015-08-26The Montréal Alouettes have parted ways with Coach Tom Higgins after their Week 9 victory in B.C., a place that hadn't won in before since the year 2000!   >>>
CFL Week 8 – Saturday Night Double Header - Football - 2015-08-13We’re near the halfway point of the CFL season, and while some teams (Saskatchewan and Montréal) aren’t having the seasons they’d hoped for at this point, they still have some schedule in front of them before it’s too late.   >>>
The good and the bad come with the PGA Championship - Golf - 2015-08-12The good and the bad come with the PGA Championship.   >>>
CFL 2015-Week 7 - Football - 2015-08-06The CFL week kicked off on Thursday with Edmonton at B.C. and if you're a fan of the game, the league has decided to keep you busy all weekend long with a game every day right through Sunday.   >>>
WGC-Bridgestone - Golf - 2015-08-05Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Sergio Garcia, Jason Day and Adam Scott are just a few key names to watch for in this stacked field.   >>>
2015 NFL Team Win Totals: Arizona & Tampa Bay - Football - 2015-07-21When you look back at the last NFL season, are you left dazzled that Arizona won 11 games?   >>>
CFL Game of the Week – Week 4 - Football - 2015-07-16We’re already into Week 4 of the Canadian Football League season and wouldn’t ya know it, just as it does these days across the pro sports landscape, parity exists in the CFL.   >>>
The Open... British - Golf - 2015-07-15Spieth says he doesn't think about three in a row (majors), he simply thinks about winning the Open.   >>>
Big Philly - Hockey - 2015-07-06How many nicknames can one hockey player possibly have? That's the first thing I think of when someone drops the name of Phil Kessel.   >>>
2015 CFL Team Win Totals - Football - 2015-06-24The Canadian game is back and along with it come a bunch of two and outs, lining up a yard off the ball, on-the-field import versus export talent, and of course my own favourite, the Rouge!   >>>
2015 U.S. Open Golf Championship - Golf - 2015-06-17What an exciting weekend we’ve got ahead of us.   >>>
NHL Free Agents - Hockey - 2015-06-17The masterminds over at Mise-o-jeu HQ have done it again.   >>>
NHL Final – Game 4 - Hockey - 2015-06-10Well, well, well. Looks like we have a series on our hands!   >>>
2015 NHL Draft - Hockey - 2015-06-09Will you miss the cool ice and your favourite player once the NHL final has been decided? Do you not know what to do with yourself when all of that becomes your reality? Well, do I have solution for you, my friends!   >>>
Can the Lightning do it again? - Hockey - 2015-05-29It took them seven games to get past Detroit, it took them six to beat Montréal and now they’re back in do-or-die mode with one major difference.   >>>
Single Bet Fiesta - Hockey - 2015-05-26Remember the days of the before single bets?   >>>
Tennis – French Open - Tennis - 2015-05-22It’s the time of year when some of our favourite sports begin to wind down or are already in full hibernation mode.   >>>
Canadiens at Tampa Bay – Game 6 - Hockey - 2015-05-12Raise your hand if you thought we’d be in this exact spot tonight, that Montréal and Tampa Bay would still be going at each other in this series?   >>>
The Players – 2015 - Golf - 2015-05-06Some look at it as the fifth major of the year, while some dread going to Florida because there’s too many old people and they feel like they’re going to die.   >>>
Habs v. Lightning – Game 3 - Hockey - 2015-05-05It’s never “must-win” until it’s must-win, right?   >>>
Habs and Lightning - Round 2 - Hockey - 2015-04-30Fresh off last year’s series sweep, Tampa Bay is back and looking for revenge in their second round series with the Montréal Canadiens. I’m thinking that kind of logic is going to be used to finalize a series pick between these two teams.   >>>
Detroit v. Tampa Bay - Game 7 - Hockey - 2015-04-28How did we get to this point? The Red Wings and Lightning will duke it out one more time Wednesday night in the seventh and deciding game of their first round series.   >>>
2015 NFL Draft - Football - 2015-04-27I'll be back later in the week with some NHL playoff takes, but between now and then, the NFL is setting up for a fun week.   >>>
Friday Night Hockey – Bye Bye, Ottawa - Hockey - 2015-04-24Those pesky Ottawa Senators aren’t going away as quickly as Habs nation would like them to.   >>>
Wednesday Night Playoffs - Hockey - 2015-04-22Man, I’m taking a bit of a beating this week and I blame the Canadiens.   >>>
Round 1 - Games 1 - Hockey - 2015-04-15I laugh when we actually weigh in on the fact that a team is opening a series at home or on the road.   >>>
2015 Eastern Conference Playoff Race - Hockey - 2015-04-14No offence to Santa Claus or any of his little helpers up at the North Pole, but this is the most wonderful time of the year.   >>>
The First Major of 2015 - Golf - 2015-04-08I’ve been warning you for weeks and at long last, we’re finally here.   >>>
PGA Tour-Texas Part Deux - Golf - 2015-04-02I think that was a first for me. Last week in this space, I broke down the Valero Texas Open and I handed out a few picks and of those picks, both Jimmy Walker and Jordan Spieth were among them and on Sunday, they finished one-two in the tournament.   >>>
PGA Tour – Texas Swing - Golf - 2015-03-25We’ve made it out of the State of Florida, now we move into Texas before heading out to Augusta, Georgia, for the Masters.   >>>
Tuesday Night Hockey - Hockey - 2015-03-23Into the home stretch we come and the NHL playoffs are on deck.   >>>
MLB Preview: Part Two - Baseball - 2015-03-19The MLB season is just around the corner, and I've already spent some time breaking down some division winners in the American League.   >>>
MLB American League - Baseball - 2015-03-17The MLB season is quickly approaching and that means a few hot takes on the upcoming season are coming your way.   >>>
Jump on those NHL Awards - Hockey - 2015-03-05I know, I know, the NHL season still has some time before we reach the playoffs, but oddsmakers at Mise-o-jeu HQ have already put up some odds for some of the major individual awards that are handed out every year.   >>>
PGA Tour – Doral - Golf - 2015-03-04In order to be competitive on this track, your drives need to be long and accurate.   >>>
Habs in California - Hockey - 2015-03-04The Montréal Canadiens were one of the more active teams on Monday’s NHL trade deadline day.   >>>
PGA Tour in Florida Swing - Golf - 2015-02-25After taking on the west coast to begin the season, the PGA Tour slides over to the east coast and the State of Florida.   >>>
Tuesday Night Puck Picks - Hockey - 2015-02-24After a rather busy week, the NHL kind of gets back to “normal” for a lot teams that were perhaps a tad too busy in the first half of February. And one of those teams happens to be the Montréal Canadiens.   >>>
Friday Night on the Ice - Hockey - 2015-02-20NHL teams are upping the ante this month with a lot games and a bit more of an evened out schedule as we push towards the tail end of the regular season.   >>>
The Habs are hot - Hockey - 2015-02-18Don’t look now, but as I write this, your Montréal Canadiens have the second most points of any team in the NHL. Wow!   >>>
Picking on the weak or feasting on the strong - Hockey - 2015-02-17As we get that much closer to the trade deadline, we must keep a watchful eye on the movers and shakers in the NHL between now and March 2.   >>>
THE Movie Awards - Non-sport - 2015-02-16Picking up where I left off last week, banging out Grammy winner after Grammy winner, and a year ago when I nailed over 90% of Oscar picks, I’m back to non-sport wagering options offered by miseojeu.com.   >>>
Welcome to the “Dog Days” - Hockey - 2015-02-12Welcome my friends to the “Dog Days” of the NHL season.   >>>
2015 Grammy Awards - Non-sport - 2015-02-06You know why I think this song wins and beats out the likes of Sam Smith, Sia, Hozier and others? ‘Cause I’ve been caught singing the song myself. You know when I’m doing that, we’ve got a winner!   >>>
NFL-Big Game - Football - 2015-01-30We made it through another NFL season and that makes me sad. I love the NFL, it's right up there with the NHL for me and that's saying something.   >>>
Big Game Prop Bets - Football - 2015-01-30At long last, we’ve arrived to the NFL’s championship game and as always, sprinkling a little money on the game makes it that much more enjoyable. In my opinion it does.   >>>
Tiger's back! - Golf - 2015-01-27I write this with a smile on my face that stretches from ear to ear.   >>>
All Star Break Stanley Cup Pick - Hockey - 2015-01-26As always though, there is a silver lining: we have a chance to look at potential Champions and which team is most likely ready to carry us into the land of profitability?   >>>
Great Weekend and NHL Tuesday - Hockey - 2015-01-20Wow, how was that for a sports weekend? The NFL had its conference championship games decided on Sunday, and the Packers and Seahawks provided us with an instant football classic.   >>>
NFC/AFC Championship - Football - 2015-01-16The NFL playoffs have been a profitable venture for me, and the goal is to keep the money flowing to us and away from Loto-Québec.   >>>
NFL Saturday–Playoff Edition - Football - 2015-01-09The NFL’s divisional round of the post-season kicks off Saturday night with Baltimore playing at New England.   >>>
NFL Sunday–Playoff Edition - Football - 2015-01-09Are you ready for some foooooooooooooooooooooootball?   >>>
NCAA Championship Game - Football - 2015-01-07Aren’t you glad that at long last the NCAA went to a playoff format and that the days of the BCS poll are done like the dinosaur?   >>>
NHL–Tuesday Action - Hockey - 2015-01-05Happy 2015, you guys! I hope you got some rest, spent time with people that matter most in your life and that the holiday period was a profitable one all around.   >>>
Bowling Season–2014 Edition - Football - 2014-12-19The holiday is upon us and for sports gamblers it’s a wonderful time of the year.   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket–Week 16 - Football - 2014-12-19And just like that the NFL’s regular season is two weeks away from being over, and that makes me remind my readers that at this time of year, the NFL moves from three days a week to four.   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket–Week 15 - Football - 2014-12-12The NFL regular season is winding down and there’s still a lot left that’s unsolved.   >>>
Thursday Night Football–Week 15 - Football - 2014-12-10Week 15 in the NFL kicks off with an Arizona at St. Louis matchup where the Rams are favoured by 3.5 points.   >>>
Free Gifts and Free Army v. Navy Pick - Football - 2014-12-10It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song says.   >>>
Sunday Ticket - 2014 NFL Week 14 - Football - 2014-12-05Back to the grind of another NFL Sunday Ticket coming off a perfect Sunday a week ago as the dust begins to settle, I think we're starting to have a clearer picture of separating the pretenders from the contenders.   >>>
Dallas @ Chicago-NFL Week 14 - Football - 2014-12-03I don't like betting on bad defenses. And while Dallas has been exposed a little bit over their last few games, nobody, and I mean nobody, plays a crappier brand of D then the Bears.   >>>
CFL Championship - Football - 2014-11-28Odds makers at Mise-o-jeu HQ have put up 21 different wagering options for this game and they range from straight up winner to additional point spread wagering options.   >>>
Sunday Ticket – Week 13 Edition - Football - 2014-11-28I hope you all had your American Thanksgiving fill of NFL football. I for one spent almost a dozen hours on my ass watching the games.   >>>
Gobble! Gobble! NFL Turkey Day - Football - 2014-11-26Our Thanksgiving comes first and we still get all the benefits of the American holiday without having to actually be an American. That means we’re in for a trio of NFL games.   >>>
CFL Division Final and NFL Sunday - Football - 2014-11-21The CFL is now down to its final four for the year and surprise, surprise, the Montréal Alouettes are still breathing.   >>>
Thursday Night Combo - Multi Sports - 2014-11-19Habs fans are stuck between a Penguin and a Blue.   >>>
NHL Tuesday Night - Hockey - 2014-11-18Home underdogs in the NHL are MONEY! Don’t think about it, just bet it.   >>>
NFL and CFL Sunday Combo - Football - 2014-11-14Still rocking the Sunday Ticket trademark, but this weekend we hit you up with a slightly different kind of spin.   >>>
Thursday Night Sports! - Multi Sports - 2014-11-13Here’s the plan, Stan. Week 11 in the NFL kicks off with Buffalo playing at Miami and the Montréal Canadiens square off against their arch rivals when the Bruins show up to the Bell Centre Thursday night.   >>>
Sunday NFL Week 10 - Football - 2014-11-07Hello friends! How's the NFL season treating you? Are you OK?   >>>
Wednesday Night in the NHL - Hockey - 2014-11-05Have you looked at the standings lately?   >>>
The Sunday Ticket – NFL Week 9 - Football - 2014-10-31If you’re a reader of mine and fade my picks, you love me.   >>>
NFL Week 9 – Saints at Carolina - Football - 2014-10-30Doing some research in regards to the 5-game sample size, I see that the average score from those games comes in just under 39 combined points.   >>>
Wednesday Night NHL - Hockey - 2014-10-29Can’t say that there are too many surprises out of the gate to begin another NHL season, right?   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket – Week 8 Edition - Football - 2014-10-25Comme je l'ai écrit un peu plus haut, la défensive des Colts a été intraitable contre les Bengals dimanche.   >>>
Chargers v. Broncos – NFL Week 8 - Football - 2014-10-23It’s safe to say that for the second time this season, we’ve got a real-deal NFL game to watch and to actually get a bit excited for.   >>>
NFL Sunday – Week 7 - Football - 2014-10-17There were some interesting notes from last Sunday, and I begin with the highlight that is the Dallas Cowboys.   >>>
N.Y. Jets @ New England Patriots - Football - 2014-10-16Well, it appears everything is once again peachy keen in Pats land now that the Patriots have put behind them some media driven drama about Brady and the coaching staff not being on the best of terms.   >>>
Sunday Ticket: NFL Week 6 - Football - 2014-10-10Miami will be a tough out for the Packers as their defence will pose a few issues for the Packers O-line. Miami stays close.   >>>
Montréal Canadiens v. Toronto Maple Leafs - Hockey - 2014-10-08Here we are again on the cusp of another NHL year and another start to one of the better rivalries in the game: Montréal versus Toronto. Now, it’s not Boston versus Montreal, but it’s the next best thing.   >>>
Hockey Season 2014-2015 - Hockey - 2014-10-06These are the three pillars of your franchise and in my opinion, the Canadiens have a super star at all three positions.   >>>
Sunday Ticket – NFL Week 5 - Football - 2014-10-03Coming off a 3-1 week, I hear a lot of folks saying they’d have better luck throwing darts at pictures of NFL teams to decide their picks than they would sitting down, looking at the numbers and coming to a sound decision.   >>>
NFL Week 5 – Vikings at Packers - Football - 2014-10-02Green Bay proves that the NFL is really a week-to-week kind of league.   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket – Week 4 - Football - 2014-09-26Back with a bang, baby! Odds makers at Mise-o-jeu HQ have another exciting batch of wagering options ahead of Sunday’s 1 p.m. kick-off.   >>>
Thursday Night Football – NFL Week 4 - Football - 2014-09-25The big test that I don’t think the Giants will pass is getting through the Washington pass rush.   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket-Week 3 - Football - 2014-09-19All in all, it was a solid debut for the 2014 season, and we are looking to ride the wave of winners into Week 3.   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket – Week 2 - Football - 2014-09-12How did you like your NFL action from Week 1? If you were a favourite player, I bet it sucked!   >>>
NFL Opener – Green Bay v. Seattle - Football - 2014-09-02Not sure how fast it went for you, but just like that, NFL football is back on the radar in a massive way!   >>>
Mise-o-jeu Weekend - Football - 2014-08-28And just like that we made it through another summer.   >>>
CFL Week 9 – Montréal at Winnipeg - Football - 2014-08-21I guess we can call what we saw a week ago in Saskatchewan an improvement for the Alouettes, offensively speaking.   >>>
The PGA’s Final Major of 2014 - Golf - 2014-08-06So much for all the Tiger drama in 2014. It seems that the man who won more tournaments than any other player just one year ago can’t get out of his own way.   >>>
CFL Week 6 Toronto versus Montréal - Football - 2014-07-30If there’s a game for the Alouettes to win, it’s Friday’s.   >>>
CFL Week 4 Montréal at BC - Football - 2014-07-18If we are to chart the Alouettes after three weeks, it would be a straight line that started from the bottom and has slowly increased after every game.   >>>
World Cup Final - Soccer - 2014-07-11My pick of Brazil to win on home soil pick couldn’t have ended up any worse. Who in the hell loses a soccer game 7-1, in particular a great soccer nation like Brazil?   >>>
F1 – Silverstone GP - Car racing - 2014-07-04Raise your hand if you’re liking this F1 season. Yup, just as I thought.   >>>
CFL Week 1 - Montreal @ Calgary - Football - 2014-06-27Are you readddddddddddy for some football? I am! I even watched some of the Argos v. Bombers game from Thursday night.   >>>
Tiger is Back… Again - Golf - 2014-06-25Most sports fans aren’t what you would call golf fans. More often than not, they’re come out four times a year to watch golf, usually when Tiger is in the mix on a Sunday of a non-major.   >>>
2014 CFL Season - Football - 2014-06-20Ready for some football, eh? And just in the nick of time to boot.   >>>
Wednesday World Cup - Soccer - 2014-06-17When I wrote my World Cup preview, I made mention of the fact that I didn’t see a Euro team winning the tournament in South America and cited Spain specifically as a team I didn’t think would challenge Brazil or Argentina.   >>>
2014 US Open - Golf - 2014-06-10Here are some guys I’ll be playing before Thursday’s opening round...   >>>
2014 World Cup - Soccer - 2014-06-09This is a country that's still bitter about losing the 1950 World Cup when they hosted it. 64 years later, they haven't forgotten!   >>>
NHL Final and Game 1 - Hockey - 2014-06-04I’m looking at a team that hasn’t played nearly the amount of playoff games as the Kings have, a team that won 25 times on the road and won’t be bothered by a hostile Staples crowd, a team playing for it all, but also playing for teammates. I’m calling my shot.   >>>
Game 6 - Montreal @ New York Rangers - Hockey - 2014-05-28The Rangers are now 0-5 when having a chance to close out a series in fewer than 7 games. And Lundqvist has been pulled in 4 of those games!   >>>
Habs v. Rangers – Game 5 - Hockey - 2014-05-26What also works for the Habs is that Game 5 generally favors the home side. The home team is 8-3 in Game 5 and honestly, do the Montréal Canadiens lose all three home games AND the series in Game 5?   >>>
L.A. v. Chicago – Game 2 - Hockey - 2014-05-20I don’t know if there’s another team like Chicago in the NHL. Chicago is so good and so deep, Marian Hossa is a depth player...   >>>
Habs v. Rangers – Eastern Conference Final - Hockey - 2014-05-15Game 1 of the Rangers at Habs goes Saturday at 1 p.m. Obviously, adjust your wagering schedule accordingly or just bet online with miseojeu.com. It’s so much easier!   >>>
Montreal v. Boston – There Will Be Game 7 - Hockey - 2014-05-12I’m assuming that by the title of this column, you know exactly who I think is going to win tonight’s Game 6 between the Habs and Bruins.   >>>
Habs v. Bruins – Game 4 / Kings v. Ducks – Game 3 - Football - 2014-05-08To quote the great Ric Flair: “Wooooo!” What a ride it was for Habs Nation and the crowd that packed the Bell Centre on Tuesday night.   >>>
Montreal v. Boston – Game 3 - Hockey - 2014-05-05Bruins win 5-3 and tie the series 1-1. Game 3 Tuesday night in Montréal.   >>>
NHL Round 2: Montréal v. Boston - Hockey - 2014-04-30Buckle up kids, it's going to be a bumpy ride. For the 34th time, Montréal and Boston will square off in a playoff round.   >>>
Zurich Classic of New Orleans at TPC Louisiana - Golf - 2014-04-23Break out the maple syrup because we’ve got a lot of Canadians in the field this week. Mike Weir, Stephen Ames, Brad Fritsch, David Hearn and Graham DeLet are all in the mix this week as the PGA Tour hits up Louisiana for the Zurich Classic.   >>>
Habs v. Lightning – Game 4 - Hockey - 2014-04-22In the words of the late-great Chris Farley, “Holy Schnikes!” Your Montréal Canadiens are one game away from advancing to the second round of the NHL playoffs and are playing in the first elimination game of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs. Crazy!   >>>
2014 Green Jacket - Golf - 2014-04-08Whatever the case, it’s a great tournament, the first major of the season and your obvious sign that spring weather is just around the corner.   >>>
Kentucky v. UConn - Basketball - 2014-04-07Odds makers at Mise-o-jeu HQ have spotted us 16 different wagering options for Monday's Big Game.   >>>
The Final Four - Basketball - 2014-04-04I don't know anyone who had more than one team making the final two games. Pretty much everyone had Florida. But Kentucky, Wisconsin and UConn? No way, Jose!   >>>
My 5-1 Thursday hockey bet - Hockey - 2014-04-03This is a pure value play in the books, and with Carolina making the trip back after a mini two-game road trip, I'm very confident leaning to the better, hotter and more talented Dallas side that has very attractive value.   >>>
A New Month - Hockey - 2014-03-31There's so much to like about the month of April, warmer temperatures, mother nature breathes fresh life onto our side of the earth, the Masters, the NHL regular season ending and the start to a new MLB season.   >>>
Friday Madness - Part Deux - Basketball - 2014-03-26I’m already “All In” with my first batch of March Madness picks. Friday presents us with a second half batch of games as we move into the Elite 8 once we’re done with the Sweet 16.   >>>
Thursday Madness - Basketball - 2014-03-25How ya liking the 2014 Madness so far? Myself, I move forward with mixed emotions. On the one hand, it’s great that we have another batch of “do or die” games to look forward to starting on Thursday, but one question I kept asking myself over the mayhem of the tournament’s first two days: Is there such a thing as too many upsets?   >>>
Friday Night Madness - Basketball - 2014-03-20It took me a little bit to get into college hoops, but once the tournament began, there's really no holding me back, especially over the first couple of days, when games are tipping off seemingly every other minute.   >>>
Major League Baseball – 2014 Season - Baseball - 2014-03-20It’s one of the first signs that the cold weather is leaving us for another year: pitchers and catchers reporting.   >>>
St. Patrick is back – Habs vs. Avalanche - Hockey - 2014-03-18I’m 35 years old. I was also a die-hard Habs fan. So when you do the math and put two and two together, I loved me some Patrick Roy.   >>>
Boston @ Montréal - Hockey - 2014-03-11This is a battle between original six foes in which one team is pulling away like a NASCAR driver versus the field and the other is licking its wounds after a dreadful California road trip.   >>>
WGC at Doral AKA The Blue Monster - Golf - 2014-03-05If you’re an avid golfer who, like me, also happens to enjoy taking golf vacations, Doral and the Blue Monster is a bucket list course.   >>>
NASCAR-Drivers Champ - Car racing - 2014-02-27It's NASCAR and the good ol' boys are back and rubbin is racing!   >>>
Hollywood’s Big Night 2014 - Non-sport - 2014-02-26So at this time of year, I am all about the Academy Awards, and I make it a point to see pretty much EVERY movie nominated for Best Picture. And this season, I’m on a roll.   >>>
Detroit v. Montréal - Hockey - 2014-02-24Montréal plays host to Detroit Wednesday night.   >>>
Women’s Hockey Final - Hockey - 2014-02-19As expected, teams USA and Canada will meet for the gold in women’s hockey in Sochi on Thursday.   >>>
Men’s Ice Hockey - Hockey - 2014-02-10It’s is without argument the best ice tournament on our planet.   >>>
Curling - Multi Sports - 2014-02-06I've gotten the curling bug, I won't lie (not to suggest that I've lied to you in the past) as I've found it to be a funny team sport.   >>>
The NFL’s Big Game - Football - 2014-01-31It’s here at last! All of the babbling, the smack talk, the I-told-you-so moments from the NFL regular season and playoff runs are in the rear view and all we’re left with are the crème de la crème of the league and the proof is in the point spread.   >>>
Canes v. Habs - Hockey - 2014-01-28Montreal comes to play.   >>>
The Grammy's - Non-sport - 2014-01-24No, this isn't a feature that should be published in Rolling Stone Magazine. Mise-o-jeu is offering up odds for the upcoming Grammy Awards on January 26th.   >>>
2014 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Prop Bets Advice - Football - 2014-01-24Ah yes, the game only the degenerates like to talk about and break down. Well, I’m your man and www.miseojeu.com is your hook up.   >>>
NFL Conference Championship Weekend - Football - 2014-01-17In the What-have-you-done-for-me-lately? world that we all live in, I've done a hell of a lot for you guys.   >>>
Football : Playoffs Divisional Round - Football - 2014-01-10Carolina will now have to deal with a very healthy San Fran offence that does include Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree.   >>>
Sunday Ticket-NFL Week 16 - Football - 2013-12-20In Week 15, I gave you eight plays. I won six of them.   >>>
Saturday Bowl Games - Football - 2013-12-18So at last we have some meaningful bowl games to break down and, as always, adjust your wagering schedule for Saturday’s action.   >>>
Sunday Ticket-NFL Week 15 - Football - 2013-12-13Fresh off yet another 2-1 against the spread (ATS) performance in Week 14 for Mise-o-jeu.   >>>
NFL Thursday – Week 15 - Football - 2013-12-11Crunch time in the league is upon us. And for some, it’s panic time.   >>>
Sunday Ticket – NFL Week 14 - Football - 2013-12-06Just a few weeks left in the NFL’s regular season. This is always as tricky time of year, and although we’re not quite there, we’re awfully close.   >>>
Houston v. Jacksonville (or How low can you go?) - Football - 2013-12-04The race is on and it isn’t for the playoffs when it comes to these two teams. The race for the first overall selection is officially on.   >>>
Sunday Ticket – NFL Week 13 - Football - 2013-11-29As we move into December, we best all buckle up. The NFL’s push for the postseason is going to be a tremendously wild ride. And I, for one, can’t wait!   >>>
Gobble! Gobble! NFL Week 13 - Football - 2013-11-27It’s US Thanksgiving this week, and that’s outstanding news for us Canadians.   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket – Week 12 - Football - 2013-11-22There are a lot of solid matchups this week, and I see some real upset possibilities.   >>>
Sunday Ticket – NFL Week 11 - Football - 2013-11-15Back with the Sunday ticket, and we’re riding high.   >>>
NFL Thursday – Week 11 - Football - 2013-11-14As some of you may know, I'm a huge fan of backing teams off terribly embarrassing defeats. In this case though, we've got two of ‘em, and they're playing each other.   >>>
Sunday Ticket – NFL Week 10 - Football - 2013-11-08Things are really beginning to get interesting in the NFL landscape as we push into Week 10.   >>>
CFL Semifinals - Football - 2013-11-07Montréal covered the spread in 6 of 8 road games this year. Hamilton covered the spread in 4 of their 9 home games this year.   >>>
Sunday Ticket – NFL Week 9 - Football - 2013-11-01If you play favourites and hope they cover, last week was a kind one and hopefully also profitable as well. I took advantage of some favourites and one underdog with Oakland at home to Pittsburgh to finish off a perfect 3-0 Against the Spread week and 1-0 playing Mise-o-jeu Total.   >>>
World Series Game 6 - Baseball - 2013-10-29It’s a MUST WIN for Boston tonight.   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket – Week 8 - Football - 2013-10-25Hey Now! Here come the Steelers, they've strung together back to back wins after dropping their first four games of the season as they lay 2.5 points in Oakland Sunday afternoon.   >>>
Football Thursday (CFL and NFL Editions) - Football - 2013-10-23There’s lots going on in pro sports these days, and it is now IMPOSSIBLE to miss anything, thanks to Mise-o-jeu.   >>>
2013 Fall Classic - Baseball - 2013-10-22Just saying the words Fall Classic install feelings of nostalgia or perhaps spark a particular memory from previous MLB Championship series from years gone by?   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket – Week 7 - Football - 2013-10-18While I’m crapping on the Titans offence, their D is actually pretty good and it will be tested Sunday afternoon against the 49ers Frank Gore who has the most rushing yards of any back since Week 3 of the season with 417 yards.   >>>
NFL Thursday-Seattle at Arizona - Football - 2013-10-16Back into the swing of things off a 6-for-7 NFL Sunday, and just like that, we’re back at ya, gearing up for the battle of the birds.   >>>
NFL Sunday Ticket – Week 6 - Football - 2013-10-11Both of the Bengals loses have come on the road, and they really are a different squad when they are away from their house.   >>>
I Feel Shame - Football - 2013-10-09You know things are going terribly when the guys over at Mise-o-jeu HQ are sending you e-mails poking fun at you.   >>>
NFL Week 5-Sunday Ticket - Football - 2013-10-04Everything about the NFL is exactly where the league and the bookmakers want it to be.   >>>
NFL Week 5 - Buffalo and Cleveland - Football - 2013-10-02When things are hot, they’re sizzling, and that’s where I am right now. A sizzling plate of fajitas comin’ at ya! Mmmmm, fajitas.   >>>
The First Tuesday Night of the 2013-14 Season - Hockey - 2013-09-30The NHL season is upon us at last and it opens up on three fronts. Odds makers at Mise-o-jeu HQ have been busy burning the candles at both ends to get us all the odds ahead of opening night.   >>>
“What have you done for me lately?” – NFL Week 4 - Football - 2013-09-27The Texans have won 15 of their last 21 games (straight up) while Seattle is 9-1 straight up over their last 10 games.   >>>
San Francisco and St. Louis – NFL Week 4 - Football - 2013-09-25With that out of the way, what in the hell is wrong with Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers?   >>>
CFL Week 13-2013 - Football - 2013-09-21The CFL is offering its fans a double-dip of Canadian pigskin this Saturday, which includes the Alouettes and Tiger Cats hooking up in Moncton, New Brunswick, Saturday at 4 p.m EDT.   >>>
Week 3 2013 - Football - 2013-09-20I’ve got a feel on a couple of (minor) upsets that I think you can jump on for added value.   >>>
NFL Sunday Week 2 Edition - Football - 2013-09-13There’s a lot at stake for a few times as early as this weekend when it might just be make or break for 0-1 teams staring down the barrel of a 0-2 start, and that’s never a good thing...   >>>
Pats v. Jets (Week 2) - Football - 2013-09-12My gut instinct tells me that if the Patriots didn’t beat Buffalo last-second style last week and the Jets didn’t win in Tampa Bay, they’d be at least a two touchdown favorites.   >>>
Week 1 picks - Football - 2013-09-06Here’s my first edition of the NFL Sunday column for 2013.   >>>
2013 NFL Preview - Football - 2013-09-04Odds makers at Mise-o-jeu HQ have set up over 71 pari simple betting options that once you’ve made your choice, slam it in the back of your wallet and cash it at the end of the season.   >>>
2013 NFL Opener - Football - 2013-09-04Here’s my take for Thursday’s NFL opener.   >>>
CFL Friday and Sunday - Football - 2013-08-30I’ve got the Friday and Sunday games locked down for you.   >>>
Thursday NCAA Football - Football - 2013-08-28You know summer is drawing to a close when the odds for the NCAA College football season are up and posted on miseojeu.com. That also means the NFL regular season is just around the corner, and the NHL won’t be too far off from starting up again either.   >>>
Saturday in the CFL - Football - 2013-08-23A case of two teams headed in two different directions.   >>>
CFL Week 8 - Football - 2013-08-16Amazing what’s happening in the CFL after seven weeks.   >>>
Mise-o-jeu Special Bets - Hockey - 2013-08-14Mise-o-jeu is already offering up nine different wagering options for Canada’s Men’s Hockey Team.   >>>
Saskatchewan v. Calgary - Football - 2013-08-09The Stampeders have won 7 of the last 9 games against the Roughies while also taking 5 of the last 6 at home versus visiting Saskatchewan.   >>>
CFL Week 7 - Football - 2013-08-07Back to the business of football as we dig in our heels for Week 7, and there are just two games on the schedule.   >>>
2013 PGA Championship - Golf - 2013-08-07It’s the last one of these for a while. The fourth and final major of the PGA Tour Season tees off Thursday at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York.   >>>
Tiger Woods Is At It Again - Golf - 2013-08-01I love playing golf. I love to watch golf and I love to sprinkle a little somethin’ down on golf whenever I can, especially when Tiger Woods is in the field.   >>>
Lions and Argos - Football - 2013-07-29It was also a good weekend for the favorites where both Calgary and Saskatchewan covered their 5.5 point spreads, while Montreal was the only favorite not to cover the spread but still win the game.   >>>
The Ugly Alouettes - Football - 2013-07-24However, when you’re talking football in this town with people who follow the Alouettes, it’s as if the sky were falling, as if the regular season were already over.   >>>
Tiger at the Open and the PGA’s Canadian Open - Golf - 2013-07-24It’s an attractive venue for some of the big-named players on tour and it has to be, really, because it comes right after the British Open.   >>>
CFL Week 4 - Football - 2013-07-19Fresh off a 2-2 Week 3 with four plays spread over two games, we move to a brand new week and a new batch of games to pick from.   >>>
2013 Open Championship Muirfield - Golf - 2013-07-17The third of four major tournaments that make up the PGA season rolls to the other side of the Atlantic this weekend for the Open Championship.   >>>
CFL Saturday (Week 3) - Football - 2013-07-12As always, here’s fair warning to those who are choosing to dip their toes into CFL waters Saturday: we’ve got two games on tap.   >>>
CFL – Week 3 – Saskatchewan at Toronto - Football - 2013-07-10Last week was nothing even remotely close to what we saw the week before. Three of the four games went UNDER as only the Riders and Stamps went over the Mise-o-jeu total of 55.5 and favourites went 2-2 against the spread.   >>>
2013 Greenbrier Classic - Golf - 2013-07-03If you’re a fan of supporting any sporting event that involves Canadians, this is your tourney. Canada is represented by five different guys this week: Stephen Ames, David Hearn, Brad Fritsch, Mike Weir and Graham DeLaet.   >>>
Week 2: Winnipeg vs Montréal...take2 - Football - 2013-07-03I fumbled not once, but twice in my opening take with the Als and Bombers in week 1… Montréal covered as a road favourite and the Total was over the posted number by the end of the third quarter. And boy oh boy did I get a scolding from the I-told-you-so crowd last Monday.   >>>
Week 1 : Montréal vs Winnipeg - Football - 2013-06-26While I think Montréal is a country mile ahead of the Bombers in sheer talent, we’re talking about the opening week of a new season that involves two teams with brand new coaches and the host team is cutting the ribbon on a brand new $200 million football stadium.   >>>
Canadian Football : 2013 Season Preview - Football - 2013-06-26QB Anthony Calvillo is back for his 20th season in the league, but without his old I-should-retire form under Hawkins after Trestman gave AC the recipe to make his own fountain of youth Calvillo threw for more than 5,000 yards three times under Trestman’s watch.   >>>
2013 US Open - Golf - 2013-06-11It’s North America’s annual and the answer to Britain’s Open Championship, the true test of golf, the 113th US Open at Merion Golf Club just outside of Philly.   >>>
The Final - Hockey - 2013-06-10Chicago is 9-1 on home ice in these playoffs scoring close to 3.5 goals per game while allowing just fewer than 2 goals against on home ice.   >>>
Are the Penguins Done? - Hockey - 2013-06-06Hard to imagine we’ve reached the point where we currently stand.   >>>
Game 7 NBA / Game 2 NHL Eastern Final - Multi Sports - 2013-06-03Another fantastic ending to a jam-packed weekend in sports.   >>>
Pittsburgh and Boston – Eastern Final - Hockey - 2013-05-30Talk about drama and a contrast in style as Pittsburgh and Boston duke it out in a best-of-seven affair with the winner representing the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Final.   >>>
Game 7 Hawks and Wings - Hockey - 2013-05-28You didn’t think Detroit was going to wrap this sucker up in a nice neat 5 game package did you?   >>>
Road Warriors - Hockey - 2013-05-22Back to the ice where I’ve had a nice run of success in this space as well as my TSN 690 AM morning radio show.   >>>
French Open Tennis – 2013 - Tennis - 2013-05-21Surprise, surprise! Rafa Nadal leads the men’s side and Serena Williams tops the ladies draw as the favourites to win the French Open which gets underway May 26th.   >>>
Thursday Night Hockey Series - Hockey - 2013-05-16Alright, you got me. It wasn’t my best start with my 2nd round NHL picks with my breakdown of the Pens and Sens Game 1 matchup and the same for the Kings and Sharks.   >>>
Second Round and Tuesday Picks - Hockey - 2013-05-14I come in with a series take, and of course, a few Game 1 selections for opening night of the second round of the NHL post-season.   >>>
The Players - Golf - 2013-05-08It’s often called the Tour’s fifth major because of the size of the purse.   >>>
Tuesday Night Playoffs - Hockey - 2013-05-06The Over is 2-1 and home teams are also 2-1 in this series, but this is a “must win” for coach Therrien and his troops if they have any hopes of doing some serious damage in the playoffs.   >>>
Ottawa Will Win Game 1 - Hockey - 2013-05-01And the Senators have Erik Karlsson back, and Jared Cowan and Craig Anderson, all healthy, rested and primed to thrive in the underdog role.   >>>
My 5 picks for tonight’s hockey games - Hockey - 2013-04-30The NHL playoffs have finally arrived, and to nobody’s surprise, odds makers at Mise-o-jeu are all over the NHL playoff landscape.   >>>
Thursday Basketball playoffs - Basketball - 2013-04-24Back to the hardwood on this Thursday edition after going 2-2 earlier in the week with my take on the Tuesday action.   >>>
Tuesday Basketball playoffs - Basketball - 2013-04-22As a matter of fact, if you played the original lines when oddsmakers at Mise-o-jeu HQ released them, 7 of the 8 favorites covered and the Total stayed UNDER in 5 of the 8 games this weekend.   >>>
Basketball Playoffs (2013 Edition) - Basketball - 2013-04-18And that’s the problem. Even when the Heat doesn’t play well, they still win.   >>>
Heritage Classic - Golf - 2013-04-17Look at some of the past winners at this event: Brandt Snedeker (in a playoff over Luke Donald), Jim Furyk, Stewart Cink and Boo Weekley. These are smart, patient and marvelous short game players.   >>>
Tuesday Night in the Hockey World - Hockey - 2013-04-15So far, in seven total April games, the Islanders have hit more than 5.5 goals twice and both were against teams from the South East.   >>>
Augusta-2013 Edition - Golf - 2013-04-09The first major of the 2013 season is finally on our door step. Odds makers over at Mise-o-jeu HQ have set the table ahead of Thursday’s opening round, and no, you won’t find any surprises.   >>>
2013 baseball season - Baseball - 2013-03-28It’s the official kick-off to spring and the grand old salute to another winter in Montréal, lost in the distance of our rear view mirror.   >>>
Thursday’s Sweet 16 - Basketball - 2013-03-26So, my first crack at the NCAA tourney last week didn’t end too well; it sucked actually.   >>>
Friday Night March Madness - Basketball - 2013-03-21The insanity of college basketball is officially upon us with the opening of what is perhaps the single greatest sporting tournament in North America.   >>>
Jammed Saturday - Hockey - 2013-03-14C’est le week-end! And what a weekend it is: St Patrick’s Day weekend in Montréal is never a bad thing.   >>>
Hockey 1st Half, 2nd Half and Cup Pick - Hockey - 2013-03-12It’s been a great 1st half to the shortened NHL season. Now that we’ve reached the half-way point, it’s time to look back and reflect and see just how wrong I was in my Mise-o-Jeu NHL predictions that I put out at the beginning of this season.   >>>
Thursday on the Ice - Hockey - 2013-03-06It’s a busy Thursday with 11 games on tap and, as always, odds makers at Mise-o-jeu have set the bar, and it’s up to us to limbo right underneath it without falling down.   >>>
2013 F1 Season - Car racing - 2013-03-06Five new rookies will make their debuts on the track at some point this season.   >>>
2013 World Baseball Classic - Baseball - 2013-02-27So can anyone top the Japanese? Because it’s the third installment of the baseball version of the World Cup and in the first two editions, team Japan has walked away with the Gold medal.   >>>
Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! The 2013 NASCAR Season - Car racing - 2013-02-22Odds makers over at Mise-o-jeu HQ have put out their list of options asking the question “Who will win the drivers Championship?   >>>
And this year’s Best Actor is… - Non-sport - 2013-02-22I’m going to say that for the first time in Mise-o-Jeu’s history, we’re venturing into unchartered waters with non-sport wagering for the upcoming film industry awards this Sunday.   >>>
Ottawa will preach discipline and defence - Hockey - 2013-02-19Boy, there’s lots going down on miseojeu.com between today and this next week.   >>>
Hockey : Friday Night - Hockey - 2013-02-14Expect a sharper Buffalo team Friday night, a team I don't think will be guilty of taking dumb/lazy penalties as they did when they lost 3-1.   >>>
Pacific Palisades: My Predictions - Golf - 2013-02-13But what makes Bradley my pick is the fact that he’s taken a week off; his coach is also the head pro at Riviera and he knows this course very well.   >>>
Hockey: Wednesday night - Hockey - 2013-02-05What makes hockey in this shortened season so special is that the teams/players are in backwards mode. The season is just 8 games old for a lot of teams, yet you hear players talk about the game they just finished playing as a “playoff-type intensity.”   >>>
American Football Season Finale - Football - 2013-02-01Something tells me we're in for an old-school defensive minded football game. I have no statistical data to back up my feeling, it's just that, a feeling.   >>>
Hockey : Thursday Night - Hockey - 2013-01-31While the Jackets have been busy dealing with their season, the well-rested Blues have been maxin' and relaxin', having not played since Sunday, a 5-4 OT win v. the Wild.   >>>
Pro Bowl : For the Serious Players Only - Football - 2013-01-25A lot of the NFC talent won’t be playing, as members of the 49ers get primed for next weekend’s Super Bowl.   >>>
Football : Conference Championships - Football - 2013-01-18Atlanta had a lot of things go their way last week and yet they still needed a last-second field goal to win the game after jumping out to a twenty point lead.   >>>
Hockey : 2013 Season and Saturday Night - Hockey - 2013-01-17Then there's the new coach in Michel Therrien and the question of how quickly the players will buy into what he's selling and how long before the coach knows all the habits, good or bad, of his players and how to push the right buttons at the right time to get maximum effort.   >>>
Australian Open 2013 - Tennis - 2013-01-11The good news is that Novak Djokovic is on one side of the official draw and Federer and Murray are on the other.   >>>
Football Playoffs - Take 2 - Football - 2013-01-11To answer the question: yes, I think this is the last time we’re watching Ray Lewis in helmet and pads in a real NFL game.   >>>
College Football Season Ender - Football - 2013-01-07They can pull off the upset tonight if both their lines (offensive and defensive) out duel Alabama’s, and the Irish “D” plays its best game of the year.   >>>
Wild Card Week - 2013 Edition - Football - 2013-01-04Houston, while riding the first overall seed in the AFC, had not one but two different opportunities to lock down first overall seed in the conference, QB Matt Schaub in those games threw ZERO touchdowns.   >>>
Saturday Football Games - Football - 2012-12-21With Mise-o-jeu, they’re always in the giving mood, and I’m all set to break down the three football games on Saturday night.   >>>
Thursday and Friday Bowl Games - Football - 2012-12-19Here are two bowl games staggered over two days to take us into the betting weekend with Mise-o-jeu. Also, keep your eyes pealed for some exciting stuff coming up in the New Year for the NFL and playoffs. Should be a lot of fun.   >>>
Week 15 - Football - 2012-12-14“Down the home stretch,” said the man through the loud speaker at the local race track.   >>>
Cincinnati v. Philadelphia - Football - 2012-12-13As always the head honchos at Mise-o-jeu headquarters have set the table for us tonight.   >>>
Houston v. New England - Football - 2012-12-10Mise-o-jeu is offering over 15 different possibilities ahead of the most looked-forward-to game of the week.   >>>
Week 13 - Football - 2012-11-30It’s fair to say that we’ve reached the point in the NFL season where we can now separate the contenders from the pretenders.   >>>
SEC Championship - Football - 2012-11-30Here's who I like in the Alabama v. Georgia matchup.   >>>
New Orleans v. Atlanta - Football - 2012-11-29How is it possible to lack confidence in a team that is 10-1 on the season?   >>>
Week 12 Edition - Football - 2012-11-23Back with another jammed and exciting weekend in football with Mise-o-jeu. Actually, this just may be the best single week for football all year long.   >>>
Canadian Football Season Ender - Football - 2012-11-22Not a bad finale I guess. That is, of course, if you're a fan of the underdogs.   >>>
Gobble-Gobble Week 12 - Football - 2012-11-21As betting football fans, Thursday is a great day. It’s like dessert for breakfast or opening presents on Christmas Eve instead of the next morning. Three games, all staggered throughout the day, and Mise-o-jeu has the entire Thursday football betting board covered.   >>>
Week 11 - Football - 2012-11-16Here’s my chance to continue my hot streak, 10-2 combined in my last two NFL Sundays with Mise-o-jeu, and we’re rolling into this Sunday with another batch of prime selections.   >>>
Canadian Football - Division Finals - Football - 2012-11-16Now we peak into the division finals starting at 1 p.m. Sunday when Toronto plays Montréal at Olympic Stadium and wraps up later that afternoon with Calgary playing in B.C.   >>>
Week 10 - Football - 2012-11-09It’s nice to knock one out of the park once in a while, and yah, a 5-1 week last Sunday when comparing it to the rest of my NFL first half selections, is indeed a homerun in my book.   >>>
Canadian Football Semi-Finals - Football - 2012-11-09So we’re down to the nitty-gritty, or close to it anyway when you consider the CFL East and West Finals go down a week from this Sunday, and when the dust settles after this weekend, CFL fans will know exactly who Montréal and British Columbia will be facing.   >>>
I’m calling the upset - Football - 2012-11-07I’m not spraining my shoulder or elbow anytime soon from patting myself on the back as I enter into Week 10 of the NFL season fresh off a 5-1 Week 9 Mise-o-jeu betting card.   >>>
NFL Week 9 - Football - 2012-11-02The way things are going so far, this is what I recommend. Play me. Fade me. But just read me.   >>>
Thursday Night in the CFL and NFL - Football - 2012-11-01As one pro-football league hits its halfway point, the other wraps up its gruelling nineteen-week regular season where some teams have something to play for, while others will be fielding players that we’ve likely never heard of before and probably won’t ever hear from again.   >>>
Week 8 - Football - 2012-10-26I’m running out of excuses to explain this slow start I’m having in the NFL.   >>>
Baseball Finale - Baseball - 2012-10-23For fans of days gone bye, I’m thinking this World Series is dedicated to you.   >>>
Underdogs Against the Spread - Football - 2012-10-19If you’re an underdog player, the 2012 NFL season should be a rather profitable one.   >>>
Canadian Football Week 17 - Football - 2012-10-18We’re in for another fun ride in the CFL this season with two more games to go after this week before getting awfully serious in a hurry with the CFL postseason right around the corner.   >>>
Pro and College Football Thursday - Football - 2012-10-18Back to the grind that is the National Football League as I take a look at the first crack of Week 7 in the NFL with Seattle travelling to San Francisco tonight.   >>>
Redemption Sunday - Football - 2012-10-12Do you have any idea how challenging it is to go WINLESS? In all fairness, I have no idea of much of a challenge it is, but there’s no doubt that last Sunday, I made it look real easy! Back with a vengeance on this redemption NFL Sunday.   >>>
Pittsburgh v. Tennessee - Football - 2012-10-11I expect the strong to take advantage of the weak Thursday and the Steelers offence gets back on track and earns their first road win of the season.   >>>
My Week 5 Predictions - Football - 2012-10-05I smell let down and I smell trap game and here's why...   >>>
Real Refs Still Suck - Football - 2012-09-28The replacement officials are dead. Long live the officials.   >>>
Ryder Cup - Golf - 2012-09-27In the opinion of some, the Ryder Cup is the second best tournament to hit the golf season after the Masters, and I would agree.   >>>
Because it doesn’t make any sense - Football - 2012-09-21Consider that when the NFL decided to expand its playoff party 22 years ago, only 12% of teams that started 0-2 went on to make the playoffs, and not a single team over the past three seasons that started 0-2 went on as a playoff participant.   >>>
Replacement Refs and NFL Week 3 Thursday - Football - 2012-09-20Is everyone enjoying the replacement refs and their performances after two meaningful weeks? In all fairness, they haven’t cost any team a win yet and no player has been sidelined due to injury because of the replacement refs. So, what’s the problem?   >>>
Don't buy too much into what you saw last week - Football - 2012-09-14One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of football bettors commit is buying too much into what they saw last week and assuming that what they just saw is how it's always going to be.   >>>
Thursday Impressive Matchup - Football - 2012-09-13It wasn’t the out-of-the-gate start I was looking for in my choice picks from the first meaningful Sunday of the 2012 Season.   >>>
Canadian Football Week 12 - Football - 2012-09-13Getting into the home stretch of the CFL season as we see a clearer picture developing of the CFL landscape and of who have turned into contenders and who have remained just pretenders.   >>>
Christmas is September 9, 2012 - Football - 2012-09-07I'm thinking the prized Bills off-season purchase of Mario Williams is going to have a feast on Sunday. Should be fun.   >>>
2012 Season Opener - Football - 2012-09-05They’re a talented group and they’ve got weapons to test out an injured Giants secondary. New York wins, but Dallas stays close.   >>>
CFL Friday and Sunday - Football - 2012-08-31It's been a little while since I last covered the CFL in this space. And with all that Mise-o-jeu.com is offering for sports bettors, how can you blame me?   >>>
CFL Labour Day - Football - 2012-08-30We’re looking at a close game Monday and Hamilton should have enough in the tank to get back on track in the East, but Toronto hangs around.   >>>
Time for Tennis - Tennis - 2012-08-26In my opinion, it’s close to impossible to pick outside of the Top 3 that odds makers have outlined for us.   >>>
The AFC Season Preview - Football - 2012-08-22C’mon, who else do you think is going to win? Ha, ha, ha, ha, please don’t tell me it’s the Jets, ‘cause I’m still laughing.   >>>
The NFC Season Preview - Football - 2012-08-21It's awfully close to the start of a brand new NFL season, and that means a lot of coverage, tips, picks and opinion in this space starting…now.   >>>
CFL Week 7 Part Deux - Football - 2012-08-09Look for Edmonton to seek out some revenge Friday night.   >>>
Last Golf Major - Golf - 2012-08-06Beginning on Thursday and for the final time this season, the best in the golfing world compete over four days to decide the last of golf’s Major Winners in 2012, on a course that belongs more in Scotland then it does South Carolina.   >>>
Baseball 2nd Half Pari Simple - Baseball - 2012-07-31It's so easy to get caught up with the “catch of the day” sporting events that we sometimes forget about baseball.   >>>
Canadian Football Thursday Friday - Football - 2012-07-25Hey at least Montréal has the undefeated on home turf in 2012 angle going for it, right?   >>>
2012 Summer Games - Multi Sports - 2012-07-24For two weeks every four years, I’m all about the Summer Games.   >>>
Canadian Football Week 4 - Football - 2012-07-19Three games left this week; let’s break ‘em down.   >>>
2012 British Open - Golf - 2012-07-16It's golf's third major of a four-major year, and it's at son-of-a-bitch of a golf course where the rough, according to Tiger Woods, is “almost unplayable”. Great!   >>>
Montréal v. Calgary - Football - 2012-07-11Then I factor in the whooping Calgary put on Montréal in Week 1 when Calgary outgained Montréal in 1st downs 30-14, and the result was a lopsided scoreboard, reading 38-10.   >>>
MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game - Baseball - 2012-07-09Eight different ball players will be swinging from the fences in K.C. tonight. Odds makers over at Mise-o-jeu HQ have installed Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista as the odds-on favourite at $4.00-1.   >>>
Close games - Football - 2012-07-07Calgary most certainly took care of business on both sides of the scrimmage line with their more than impressive display of offence against Montréal.   >>>
Friday Night (Canadian) Football - Football - 2012-07-06One thing I can assure CFL football fans is that the CFL’s West Division won’t run the table again, not in Week 2 anyway.   >>>
Canadian Football Weekend - Baseball - 2012-06-30Welcome to Part II of my breakdown for the CFL’s first week.   >>>
Canadian Football Friday Night - Football - 2012-06-28Well it’s finally here. Some pro football to break down and to look forward to over another long weekend.   >>>
Canadian Football : 2012 Season Preview - Football - 2012-06-18I still think Montréal runs things on the East corner, and I’ll let the season play out before I change my mind.   >>>
U.S. Open : My Predictions - Golf - 2012-06-12It's as simple as that, and I'm here to tell you why Tiger Woods will not win the U.S. Open on Sunday and why the drought of a major-less Tiger Woods will carry on into the British Open later this summer.   >>>
Hockey and Basketball Finals - Multi Sports - 2012-06-11Something to pay attention to: the team to score the first goal has gone on to win 17 in a row in these playoffs.   >>>
Bye-Bye New Jersey - Hockey - 2012-06-07What should comfort fans of the Kings, and perhaps disappoint those that cheer for the Devils, is that the Kings, despite losing in Game 4, still look and play like the much better team.   >>>
New Jersey v. Los Angeles (Game 3) - Hockey - 2012-06-04You might want to skip the Devils in a Mise-o-jeu Pari Simple bet ahead of Game 3 tonight. Just sayin’.   >>>
New York-R v. New Jersey (Game 6) - Hockey - 2012-05-25New Jersey will host New York-R in Game 6 tonight and Mise-o-jeu set the table with 21 different betting possibilities   >>>
New Jersey and New York-R (Game 5) - Hockey - 2012-05-23The series really begins tonight and anyone who thinks what happened last time will carry over into tonight doesn’t understand just how crucial tonight’s game is.   >>>
Tuesday's picks - Multi Sports - 2012-05-22L.A. will keep their perfect road record intact and represent the West in the final.   >>>
East Final and Game 1 Picks - Hockey - 2012-05-14I can’t say I saw this coming, otherwise I’d simply be a liar, but in all reality how many of us expected to see these four teams left standing in the NHL post-season?   >>>
Wednesday Puck and Hoops - Multi Sports - 2012-05-09Washington has yet to win a postseason game (0-5) when the opponent scores first.   >>>
Giving Basketball Some Love - Basketball - 2012-05-04The hockey playoffs are pretty close to a month old and, with everything that has been going on, from the violence and the goaltending, I hope you’ll forgive me for giving the basketball an unjust lack of attention.   >>>
East and West - Hockey - 2012-04-30The Kings have won four straight as road underdogs. The under is 7-0-1 in the last eight meetings between the two teams and St. Louis is 1-4 in the last four meetings between the two teams.   >>>
Game 7 - Part 2 - Hockey - 2012-04-26I guess it is the year of the “dog” in the first round of the NHL playoffs.   >>>
Game 7 - Part 1 - Hockey - 2012-04-25It’s been a whacky and wild ride in the NHL’s first round. Road teams have taken control despite rabid fans and jammed arenas.   >>>
Who’s Going Home? - Hockey - 2012-04-23New York's offensive problems have been obvious in this series. Marian Gaborik, who led the Rangers with 41 goals in the regular season, hasn't scored since Game 1.   >>>
Hockey or Fighting Same Thing - Hockey - 2012-04-18I’ll be sticking with my strength: hockey picks. I’m pretty much unbeatable with my playoff selections; I just jinxed myself, oops! But first, indulge me, I’ve got something say after last night, and you can thank Raffi Torres.   >>>
Three Sports, Five Plays - Baseball - 2012-04-16That’s right, you read correctly. I simply cannot help myself. I’m like a fat kid at a buffet spread; I just want to gorge myself on everything that’s in front of me. I’m never full!   >>>
Hockey Playoffs & Basketball - Multi Sports - 2012-04-13Mise-o-jeu has all your odds for the four different hockey games going down tonight.   >>>
2012 Hockey Playoff - Hockey - 2012-04-11The hockey playoffs are here and Mise-o-jeu has 80 betting possibilities to pour over.   >>>
Monday Mix-Bag - Multi Sports - 2012-04-09The Reds may need some more offensive production to give Monday’s starter, Homer Bailey, a fighting chance.   >>>
Hockey and Baseball Opening Day - Multi Sports - 2012-04-04So let’s have it, baseball and hockey.   >>>
Tonight's the Night - Basketball - 2012-04-02Let’s figure these two teams out.   >>>
NCAA Final Four - Basketball - 2012-03-30In the modern era of the NCAA tournament, you might think that projecting games based on a dose of intelligence would be useless.   >>>
Back in the Saddle - Multi Sports - 2012-03-21It's nice to get away. And by get away, I don't necessarily mean hitting up some exotic locale where you're doing nothing but sipping Margaritas and scoping out the senoritas.   >>>
Grinding it Out - Hockey - 2012-03-12So for us Tiger fans, it’s a bit of a Debbie-Downer Monday. How do we cure it? With some winning picks, that’s how!   >>>
Doral - Golf - 2012-03-07Let’s take a look at the upcoming WGC-Cadillac Championship at Doral in Florida.   >>>
Monday Night Games - Hockey - 2012-03-05And though Anaheim likely won’t make the needed push to rally and snatch the Number 8 seed in the Western Conference, the Ducks have looked very good and that’s thanks to their new coach.   >>>
C’est le Week-end - Multi Sports - 2012-03-02I always forget to remind people to tune in to TSN 990 AM on your radio each and every Thursday where, along with Tony Marinaro, we dedicate 20 minutes to an intense look at the Mise-o-jeu betting boarding between 9:40 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.   >>>
Game of the Night - Multi Sports - 2012-02-22It’s midweek and here’s something I haven’t done in a real long time. I am amped up for a regular season NBA game.   >>>
Slow Monday - Multi Sports - 2012-02-20Since opening the season with seven consecutive wins, Washington has looked mostly ordinary and now finds itself in a battle for the Southeast Division lead with Florida and Winnipeg.   >>>
All Sports Friday - Multi Sports - 2012-02-17Is anyone else suffering in this pro football offseason? That’s why we love Mise-o-jeu.   >>>
NHL Dog Days - Hockey - 2012-02-13You got that, kids? The “dog days” of the NHL season are here.   >>>
Back to Work - Hockey - 2012-02-06The Flames have lost a remarkable 13 straight regular season games at Anaheim, the last six by one goal, and haven’t won there since January 19, 2004.   >>>
Why is New England the Favourite - Football - 2012-02-03It’s all about hitting your stride at the best moment possible. As they did four years ago, the Giants are peaking at just the right time.   >>>
Setting you up for the weekend - Hockey - 2012-02-02Despite Philadelphia’s powerful offence, the Flyers are going to have a tough time generating quality scoring chances on the Predators tonight.   >>>
Tuesday Mayhem - Multi Sports - 2012-01-31Kane pulled on a Superman cape during the breakaway competition and the Blackhawks are going to need him to keep playing a superhero role down the stretch.   >>>
Conference Championship games - Football - 2012-01-20And for the record, with the duo Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, the Patriots are 4-1 in the AFC Championship, with the only loss coming in the 2006 title game to Indianapolis.   >>>
Monday Night Hockey - Hockey - 2012-01-16There have been many in and around the league from media, players, coaches and fans that are simply waiting for the Senators to come back to life.   >>>
Football Playoffs - Second Round - Football - 2012-01-13I fully expect to see New England go no-huddle early on offense in an attempt to put points up quickly and force Denver to play catch-up ball early on.   >>>
Championship Night - Football - 2012-01-09Nothing says National Championship quite like a rematch of the brutal 9-6 game that Alabama and LSU player earlier this season.   >>>
Great Wild Card Weekend - Football - 2012-01-06However, Matt Flynn shredded the Lions secondary passing for over 400 yards in a 45-41 win, which makes you wonder what Drew Brees will do to them this week?   >>>
Defensive Battle on Monday Night - Football - 2011-12-19With a beat-up Big Ben, I still think the Steelers are strong enough to take points on the road in a low scoring game.   >>>
Week 15 Predictions - Football - 2011-12-16Indianapolis is trying to avoid becoming just the second team ever to finish with an 0-16 record and they have the opportunity to play spoiler to a division rival at home.   >>>
College Bowl Season - Football - 2011-12-14As you’ve come to expect, Mise-o-jeu.com has the three bowl games to choose from this weekend and betting offers range from straight up winner to point spread, over/under and margin of victory.   >>>
Week 14 Predictions - Football - 2011-12-09The question everyone is asking: “Can the Packers go perfect?”.   >>>
Wednesday Hockey Action - Hockey - 2011-12-07If Miller gets the call here, he’ll be sharp and prime for a win because something tells me he’s kind of fed up.   >>>
A Low Scoring Monday Night - Football - 2011-12-05What does Jacksonville have going for it tonight? Well, there’s that San Diego streak of 0-6 straight up and Against the Spread.   >>>
Week 13 predictions - Football - 2011-12-02We are at the pivotal juncture of the season. This week, it’s more or less do or die for many.   >>>
Monday Slugfest - Football - 2011-11-28With a perfect Mise-o-jeu weekend, we move into tonight’s Monday nighter.   >>>
Week 12 Predictions - Football - 2011-11-25Chicago is gunning for its sixth consecutive win when they travel to Oakland, but it won’t be easy to keep the streak alive without their starting quarterback.   >>>
Monday Mismatch - Football - 2011-11-21New England looks to stay sharp against a not-so-sharp and pretty beat-up Kansas City team.   >>>
Week 11 Predictions - Football - 2011-11-18The well-rested Oakland Raiders hope to hold on to their lead in the AFC West and maybe even take another step towards their first playoff berth in nine years with a win on the road this Sunday over the Minnesota Vikings.   >>>
Another Crazy Weekend - Football - 2011-11-14Over Minnesota’s last 9 games off a bye week, they’ve covered 7 times.   >>>
Week 10 Predictions - Football - 2011-11-11It was a week in football that was topsy-turvy and it was also the reason I decided to go with a smaller Mise-o-jeu NFL Sunday card, sticking with two games and three selections.   >>>
Wednesday hockey and football - Multi Sports - 2011-11-09Let’s kill some time with some action today.   >>>
Week 9 Monday Night - Football - 2011-11-07Miseojeu.com has installed the Eagles as 9.5 point favourites, but the Bears are bringing some strong opposition tonight along with the also attractive value.   >>>
Week 9 and college football predictions - Football - 2011-11-04As usual, I’ll break down my top plays for this weekend in the NFL. I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to throw my two cents when it comes to the arguably the biggest NCAA college football game in years: LSU at Alabama.   >>>
Pheonix will win in Colorado tonight - Multi Sports - 2011-11-02So how was that for the first night in the NBA, huh?   >>>
Week 8 Monday Night - Football - 2011-10-31Kansas City will be in hot pursuit of his fourth straight win tonight against AFC West leading San Diego on Halloween night.   >>>
Week 8 predictions - Football - 2011-10-28Hopefully my picks this week betting Against the Spread even things out after a sub-par showing last week.   >>>
Will there be a Game 7? - Baseball - 2011-10-27Brrr back to the frigid temperatures of Busch Stadium as the World Series shifts back to the Midwest with the St. Louis Cardinals needing a win to push the series to the ultimate, while Texas is 27 outs away from their first championship in franchise history.   >>>
Monday Night Multi Sports - Multi Sports - 2011-10-24Tonight we’re focusing on hockey and, of course, NFL Monday Night Football.   >>>
Week 7 predictions - Football - 2011-10-21Back with another edition of hot picks this week in the NFL.   >>>
Texas in 6 - Baseball - 2011-10-19Here’s how I see the series breaking down along with a pick for tonight’s Game 1. Enjoy.   >>>
Week 6 predictions - Football - 2011-10-14Coming off a nice Sunday where betting Against the Spread was an exciting 4-0 if you followed along. Sadly, my one Total play ended up costing me (us) a perfect ticket.   >>>
Wednesday Multi Sports - Multi Sports - 2011-10-12Time to take a very quick break from football and dip our toes into some multi sports action on this Wednesday with some baseball playoffs and some Wednesday puck!   >>>
Week 5 Predictions - Football - 2011-10-07After a week in which the gambling world seemed lost in a daze, Week 5 brings the picture back into focus.   >>>
Predictions for the 2011-2012 Hockey Season - Hockey - 2011-10-05Well, there are other ways to add some excitement to the game, and Mise-o-jeu has spruced up their NHL offerings for this upcoming season.   >>>
Greatest Day of the Year - Multi Sports - 2011-10-03Today is the GREATEST day of the calendar year.   >>>
Week 4 predictions - Football - 2011-09-30And away we go! I’ve got to be up front: this is one confusing card this week in the NFL.   >>>
It comes down to the last game - Baseball - 2011-09-28So much for baseball becoming the dud of the sporting world, eh?   >>>
Week 3 Predictions - Football - 2011-09-23I present my top choices for this upcoming weekend in the NFL.   >>>
Golf Tour Championship - Golf - 2011-09-21Miseojeu.com has installed Luke Donald, Webb Simpson and Adam Scott as the odds-on favourites to take home the whole $10 million enchilada.   >>>
Week 2 predictions - Football - 2011-09-17I love Week 2 in the NFL. I find it to be the most interesting week for odds making and handicapping.   >>>
Tampa Bay cannot afford to lose tonight - Baseball - 2011-09-14It’s pretty easy to forget that there are still baseball games with meaning behind them.   >>>
Week 1 predictions - Football - 2011-09-09If you like betting on football, look no further than mise-o-jeu.com as they continue to find new ways to add excitement to the NFL betting season.   >>>
2011 Preview - Football - 2011-09-07Here’s my take on the 2011 season.   >>>
Holiday CFL Week 10 - Football - 2011-09-01Back on the saddle as all eight teams are in action as the second half of the CFL season kicks off into Labour Day weekend. Enjoy the games with Mise-o-jeu.   >>>
Wednesday Baseball - Baseball - 2011-08-31September 1st is tomorrow, and September means that Major League teams can expand their roster and carry even more personnel. Teams are in the division-race mode, so it should be a great finish. Here’s who I like today in Major League Baseball   >>>
Football Friday - Football - 2011-08-26After banging out some picks in both the CFL and NFL, we’re back at it today with more of the same: NFL Pre-Season Week 4 picks and Saturday’s CFL breakdown.   >>>
CFL & NFL Thursday - Football - 2011-08-25Back at it, as Week 9 of the CFL kicks into full gear – and that means the Montréal Alouettes are off their bye week and back to meaningful football on Saturday afternoon. And yes, there will be a full breakdown and prediction coming up on Friday in this very space. But right now, it’s to Winnipeg we go, where the Tiger Cats visit the Blue Bombers.   >>>
Three in a row for Edmonton? - Football - 2011-08-19And the return of the NHL isn’t that far off either. The CFL enters Week 8 with only two games, one already in the books while the other will play itself out later tonight.   >>>
Another Win Tonight For Cliff Lee? - Baseball - 2011-08-17Cliff Lee has won 5 of the last 6 games as a favourite and he has also won 6 of the last 7 games coming off a game where he allowed no earned runs.   >>>
Canadian Football and Golf - Multi Sports - 2011-08-10If I had one or two long shots to take, I would lean towards Jason Day and Fredrik Jacobson.   >>>
Week 6 - Football - 2011-08-05So let us continue on the winning wave as I pass along my thoughts and plays for the remaining three games.   >>>
Wednesday Baseball and Thursday Football - Multi Sports - 2011-08-03Back to another week of looking inside the world of sports.   >>>
Week 5 - Football - 2011-07-29Three CFL games on tap that are spread over the weekend, of course, Montreal is in action tonight, a game you can watch on RDS at 6:30PM. Make sure you adjust your time accordingly when playing a Mise-o-jeu ticket that has the Alouettes in it.   >>>
Football is back - Football - 2011-07-27For B.C., they remain as the only team left that has yet to win a game after suffering another tough loss, this time on home turf 39-31 to visiting Hamilton.   >>>
Week 4 - Football - 2011-07-21Let’s get to my picks for Week 4.   >>>
Baseball Picks - Baseball - 2011-07-20Well it’s hump day and there’s nothing quite like getting over the hump than to put some winners on the board with some choice picks in major league baseball.   >>>
Week 3 Wrap Up - Football - 2011-07-15It’s a battle of division rivals with Toronto visiting Montréal later tonight.   >>>
CFL Week 3 and British Open Golf - Multi Sports - 2011-07-13Back in the saddle, and we begin with what promises to be yet another can’t-miss-sports weekend where football and golf take full control.   >>>
Canadian Football Week 2 & Golf - Multi Sports - 2011-07-06It brings me great pleasure to know that professional football has returned to a television near you.   >>>
Canadian Football Preview - Football - 2011-06-29Another year of single points and three-down football is just about 24 hours away from kicking off.   >>>
Finals Finale - Hockey - 2011-06-15Who wins tonight? But first, a little gambling 101.   >>>
Hockey Game 6 - Hockey - 2011-06-13Mise-o-jeu has Boston, as you’d expect, as the favorites tonight paying $1.55-1 to Vancouver’s $1.90-1 to win the game along with winning the Cup on the road.   >>>
Hockey Game 4 - Hockey - 2011-06-08So I split the ticket in my prediction for how I thought game 3 would play itself out; 4 goals in less than 9 minutes will kill your total Under bet every time.   >>>
Hockey Game 3 - Hockey - 2011-06-06Time for Boston to pick up whatever pieces are left from a crushing overtime loss in game 2 as the series now moves from the west coast over to the East.   >>>
Game 2 - Hockey - 2011-06-03Even though one goal was scored and it took over 59 minutes for that goal to be produced, I was more than impressed with the opener of the Final.   >>>
Hockey Finals - Hockey - 2011-06-01It comes down to four more wins. They just so happen to be the toughest four wins of the season and, in some individual cases, the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream.   >>>
Basketball Finals - Basketball - 2011-05-30Nobody knows how this series will unfold until it does. The storylines are there with the two top players in the league going for their first Championship. Let’s hope for some exciting basketball that gives us a long series.   >>>
Champions League and Game 7 - Multi Sports - 2011-05-27There’s so much to preview this weekend.   >>>
Wednesday Predictions - Multi Sports - 2011-05-25Some trends to look at tonight for game 5. Dallas has covered the spread in 5 of their last 7 games with OKC. The Over has also been a winner in Dallas last 4 games at home.   >>>
Roland-Garros 2011 and Friday Hockey - Multi Sports - 2011-05-20So we’re going to mix it up for you today.   >>>
Wednesday Hoops and Pucks - Multi Sports - 2011-05-18I think San Jose gets back to the business of winning and with a nice underdog price hanging over their heads, it’s too hard to pass up.   >>>
East and West Hockey - Hockey - 2011-05-16Now that both conference finals are underway, we begin to look at it as a game-by-game series.   >>>
Eastern Conference Final - Hockey - 2011-05-13The famous 1-3-1 of Guy Boucher, the coach who has reinvented the hockey wheel if you will. It’s a system that’s frustrating to play against and I see it causing Boston all kinds of problems in this series.   >>>
Wednesday Basketball and Thursday World Hockey Championship - Multi Sports - 2011-05-11Let’s take another crack at the two games going in the basketball tonight and a peak into the World Hockey Championship where Canada takes on Russia in quarter final play.   >>>
Back to Work - Multi Sports - 2011-05-09Hopefully you all spent some of your sports profits on your “chère maman” this weekend. I know I did and now it’s back to work with some hockey and some basketball thoughts on this playoff Monday.   >>>
More Sweeps Tonight? - Hockey - 2011-05-06Two games on tap, two teams playing for their respective lives.   >>>
Winning Wednesday - Hockey - 2011-05-04Philadelphia is too good and too strong to lose game 3. They win in Boston tonight.   >>>
Hockey and Basketball Playoff Monday - Multi Sports - 2011-05-02Memphis tossed aside San Antonio like they didn’t even exist and shocked OKC in game 1 of that second-round series.   >>>
Hockey Round 2 - Hockey - 2011-04-29It was a so-so first round for me on this end of the prediction scale, nailing six out of the eight series in the first round. I was that close to running the table, until Buffalo blew a 2 goal lead in game 6.   >>>
Wednesday Playoff Picks - Multi Sports - 2011-04-27However, one stat stands out: UNDER. Both games at home in Miami played to the under.   >>>
Comeback Wednesday – Hockey Playoff Picks - Hockey - 2011-04-20The focus and concentration is here so, in the meantime, Mise-o-jeu.com is offering a buffet table full of hockey post-season picks. Here’s what has caught my eye for Wednesday.   >>>
Monday Mix and Match - Multi Sports - 2011-04-18Let us start the week with, as the title points out, a little Monday Mix and Match.   >>>
Basketball 1st Round Winners - Basketball - 2011-04-15It’s time for the NBA playoffs to begin, and that means a complete breakdown and prediction for the entire first round in both the Eastern and Western Conferences.   >>>
First Round Winners - Hockey - 2011-04-13Here’s my take on the first round winners and in how many games.   >>>
Baseball & Basketball Today - Multi Sports - 2011-04-11Ten games in major league baseball on tap today and just one start this afternoon. Keep that in mind as you make your plays today. A little something on a couple of games on the diamond today and one basketball play involving one ticked off Orlando Big Man.   >>>
Tiger Who? - Golf - 2011-04-06The 75th edition of the Masters is upon us and, with a quick look at what Mise-o-jeu is offering, we discover that Tiger isn’t the favourite.   >>>
College Basketball Champion - Basketball - 2011-04-04My apologies for those that followed along Saturday; both my selections ended up costing us dollars. Let’s make up for it with a look and a breakdown of tonight’s Championship match.   >>>
Final Four - Basketball - 2011-04-01We’ve made it through another magical March Madness and, as we bust through into spring and the month of April, it means a couple of things: it’s Final Four time and the Masters golf tournament is right around the corner.   >>>
Baseball Preview - Baseball - 2011-03-31Ah, spring is in the air. You know what that means? Baseball is right around the corner.   >>>
Monday Mix Up - Multi Sports - 2011-03-28With all the excitement, it’s time to take a break right along side the NCAA tournament and focus on some hockey and basketball for Monday night.   >>>
Sweet 16, Take Two - Basketball - 2011-03-25So close to running the table on Thursday night. Out of my five selections four of them came through with the only loss coming the way of Arizona moving on to the Elite Eight. Now that the first half of the Sweet 16 games have been played out, we move on to the second half of games that will make up 100% of the Elite Eight.   >>>
Sweet 16 - Basketball - 2011-03-23Starting to get into some serious territory with March Madness, and it begins with half of the field in play on Thursday and the remaining teams tipping-off on Friday. Make sure you get your Mise-o-jeu ticket in as the start times are the same on both days. Thursday’s action starts at 7:00 p.m., and the next game goes at 7:15 p.m., followed by 9:30 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. So make sure you plan accordingly.   >>>
Hockey Monday - Hockey - 2011-03-21And of course the hockey is down to the nitty-gritty with teams fighting for position in both conferences. I’m going to take a look at the two games on tap tonight.   >>>
Friday Madness - Basketball - 2011-03-18I hoped you enjoyed the first full-on day of March Madness. Hopefully your brackets haven’t been busted up already.   >>>
College Basketball - Basketball - 2011-03-16The biggest basketball tournament is at our doorstep. Mise-o-jeu has it all in a nice neat and tidy package. Every game with or without point spread and a total points play. Our focus here today is going to be breaking down the “madness” in March and hopefully leave you with a winner in a pari simple bet that Mise-o-jeu is offering.   >>>
Monday Hockey and Basketball - Multi Sports - 2011-03-14Don’t forget, NCAA March Madness gets underway this week and you know Mise-o-jeu has a lot of fun and exciting stuff planned for the best Basketball tournament on the planet. You can also expect my breakdown right here in this space on Wednesday of this week. In the meantime enjoy my Monday offerings.   >>>
Friday Night Ice - Hockey - 2011-03-11New Jersey is a different team under coach Lemaire and losing to Ottawa this week was just the third loss suffered in their previous 25 games. It’s a loss, they put it behind them and take care of business against Atlanta.   >>>
Champions League - Soccer - 2011-03-09Yup, my first crack at the global game that we funny North Americans refer to as soccer.   >>>
Dallas Will Beat Los Angeles Tonight - Hockey - 2011-03-07Tight game to call. Leaning towards Dallas, but the loss to Vancouver by the Kings has kind of given the Canucks some attitude that I think might just carry with them into their last home game before they start a four-game road trip.   >>>
Friday Night Basketball - Basketball - 2011-03-04I figured, why not start warming up to some hoops action with a bit more frequency considering that perhaps the best sports tournament is about to start.   >>>
Puck Wednesday - Hockey - 2011-03-02It’s a well-rested Pittsburgh team that travels to Toronto. Notice how I didn’t say fly to Toronto, that’s because Penguins can’t fly, silly. Yah, well-rested, as I was saying.   >>>
The Race is On - Hockey - 2011-02-28The official turning of the corner for NHL teams as the trade deadline has come and gone.   >>>
Sports Weekend - Multi Sports - 2011-02-25En ce qui me concerne, je suivrai le UFC 127 samedi et la course de NASCAR dimanche. Regardons qui pourrait se retrouver du côté des vainqueurs.   >>>
Match Play - Golf - 2011-02-23Here’s my seven team parlay. Note some early start times in golf. Go early!   >>>
Picks for Monday Night Hockey - Hockey - 2011-02-21It’s well known that Washington have lost their identity in the goal scoring department and finding value in the Under is surprising.   >>>
Basketball All-Star Weekend - Basketball - 2011-02-18The NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest goes down on Saturday night and already it appears that it’s Clippers rookie Blake Griffin’s to lose.   >>>
Wednesday Mash Up - Multi Sports - 2011-02-16Time for the NBA hoops and NHL puck action for a Wednesday night as I look to break out of this winless streak I’ve got myself into.   >>>
Comeback Monday - Hockey - 2011-02-14I’m back after a weekend of a lot of hockey watching and some serious number crunching.   >>>
It’s Friday Night Hockey - Hockey - 2011-02-11No more football means that there is a lot more time for the NHL and the NBA with, of course, a sprinkling of golf and tennis. Let’s look at a couple of key games in the NHL tonight and some totals.   >>>
Golf in Dubai - Golf - 2011-02-09From one lesson to another. I’m sure that Tiger Woods has learned a lesson or two, and I’m not talking about his golf swing either.   >>>
Football Wrap and Monday Night Hockey - Hockey - 2011-02-07Now that football is over, it’s time to concentrate on hockey a little bit more and, of course, more pari simple bets to come with tennis and golf.   >>>
Who Wins (part two) - Football - 2011-02-04Finally we’re here, the point of the season where it all comes down to one game to decide it all. That’s the beauty of football; you don’t need a series of games to decide a champion.   >>>
Let's talk about the Game (part one) - Football - 2011-02-02Let’s talk football and prop wagering. It’s kind of what makes the big game in the league so much fun.   >>>
Recap and Basketball - Basketball - 2011-01-31The Clippers have become front-seat drivers in Los Angeles, in part because of their eight game home winning streak, but primarily because of superstar Blake Griffin.   >>>
All-Star Draft - Hockey - 2011-01-28Speaking of having fun, the betting options for the 2011 NHL All-Star game are out of sight! Let’s have a look at some of them and see what we like.   >>>
Tiger is Back - Golf - 2011-01-26You read the headline correctly. Tiger Woods is back and ready for the 2011 PGA Tour season and so are golf fans.   >>>
Monday Night Basketball - Basketball - 2011-01-24Now that we have to wait two whole weeks before we see another meaningful NFL game, it’s time to turn our attention to the NBA and the NHL to get your week going in the right direction.   >>>
Conference Championships - Football - 2011-01-21After two rounds and eight games, my record stands at even-steven. Plain-Jane five-hundred. Four wins to four loses. Let’s change it up and look for a sweep in the last round of games before February 6th and the Super Bowl in Dallas Texas.   >>>
Multi-sports Wednesday - Multi Sports - 2011-01-19To business where there are three games in the NHL today, and I got one game that stands out from the rest. Also the PGA Tour is in California for the Bob Hope Classic and I got a list of a couple of players I like in our pari simple option on miseojeu.com.   >>>
My Monday hockey parlay - Hockey - 2011-01-17There’s a lot of Monday night puck action on miseojeu.com with six games on the schedule. Here’s what I’m looking at tonight.   >>>
Football playoffs, take two - Football - 2011-01-14Twelve teams started the post-season, eight are left standing and we’re that much closer to the final two. It was a five-hundred opening week for me in the NFL post-season.   >>>
Who’s going to win the 2011 Australian Open? - Tennis - 2011-01-12What’s more, tennis that matters is back, and the first major of 2011 will be played in the heat of Melbourne at the Australian Open.   >>>
Monday puck action - Hockey - 2011-01-10Time to break down some Monday NHL puck action and my BEST play.   >>>
Wild Card Weekend - Football - 2011-01-07The NFL season has come to down twelve teams to decide the year, and eight of those teams are in action throughout the weekend. A lot of questions are going to be answered across the board.   >>>
Who's going to win the football playoffs? - Football - 2011-01-05Back in action in 2011! The NFL post-season is upon us and miseojeu.com has the “pari simple” or single bet option for this seasons NFL champion.   >>>
Holiday Bowl Action - Football - 2010-12-22La saison des matchs de championnat au football collégial américain bat son plein, et tout le monde a déjà en tête celui qui déterminera LE champion national, le 10 janvier, entre Oregon et Auburn.   >>>
Chicago v. Minnesota - Football - 2010-12-20Chicago goes into tonight with an opportunity to win the NFC North division.   >>>
My picks for week 15 - Football - 2010-12-17We’ve reached the point in the season where one rule applies: if you think the team you want to bet on is going to win, then don’t worry about the spread.   >>>
San Francisco v. San Diego - Football - 2010-12-16It won’t be all sunshine and gummy bears for San Diego; San Francisco also has something to play for.   >>>
Football on Monday Night - Football - 2010-12-13Houston is a virtual lock to give up at least 24 points tonight.   >>>
My picks for week 14 - Football - 2010-12-10Call me crazy but I think Cincinnati stays close to Pittsburgh throughout the game and Pittsburgh finds a way to win it in the fourth quarter.   >>>
New York-J v. New England - Football - 2010-12-06I think New York stays conservative with their offence and tonight’s game could come down to clock management eventually though; New England will find a soft spot in New York’s defence and exploit it.   >>>
My picks for week 13 - Football - 2010-12-03St. Louis is still a 1-4 road team. However, Arizona is the worst team in football.   >>>
It's golf time - Golf - 2010-12-01Who’s worth a look where we can lay some action down and watch an elite field that’s going to require some very well-played golf over 72 holes to win it?   >>>
San Francisco will beat Arizona - Football - 2010-11-29A battle between two teams with perhaps the worst records in the league – they have six combined wins between them – is funny enough, but even funnier is the fact that they’re both still in the thick of a playoff race within their division.   >>>
My pick for week 12 - Football - 2010-11-26Our record stands at a very respectable 19-6 over the last five weeks in the NFL. Last Sunday turned into a banner afternoon, as we swept the board in our three top choices.   >>>
The Final game of Canadian football - Football - 2010-11-25If you’re new to the CFL or perhaps you don’t follow the sport all that much but you like betting on “Big Games”, then let us run a little background.   >>>
Monday night Football - Football - 2010-11-22Are we hot or are we hot? Another perfect ticket, nailing all three NFL plays for Sunday. I love it. It brings my NFL total to 18-4 over the last five weeks.   >>>
My picks for week 11 - Football - 2010-11-19So far, so good. Our record is 15-4 after the last four weeks and we’ll be looking to roll ‘em again this Sunday.   >>>
Canadian football division finals - Football - 2010-11-17How is Toronto going to put enough points on the board to stay competitive?   >>>
Monday football - Football - 2010-11-15Alright so we’re cooking after almost four full weeks. It’s 12 for 16 in NFL predictions over that time and I’m hoping to end strong tonight.   >>>
My picks for Week 10 - Football - 2010-11-12Let’s hit it with our biggest card of the year. We’re off to a rock steady start having gone with Atlanta and the Over in the opener to Week 10 on Thursday; hopefully it’s a sign of things to come for this Sunday.   >>>
Thursday night football - Football - 2010-11-10Week 10 of the NFL now brings us into Thursday action. That means we don’t have to wait until Sunday for NFL football.   >>>
Your 2011 hockey champions - Hockey - 2010-11-08I know, I know. The NHL season is barely over a month old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about who will hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup in the spring of 2011.   >>>
My picks for week 9 - Football - 2010-11-05It sure is nice to be on the winning side of things isn’t it? However, I must admit, I am feeling the pressure of back to back perfect weeks in my NFL selections after rattling off six straight winners.   >>>
Wednesday Sports and F1 Championship - Multi Sports - 2010-11-03The NBA is back in full swing and so is the NHL. Let’s take a look at some choice selections to wet your whistle on this Wednesday and, further down, my single bet prediction for the F-1 Championship.   >>>
Your 2011 basketball champions - Basketball - 2010-11-01Guess what. It’s not Miami, not this season anyway. We all get it, Miami is the flavour of the season. We are all aware of what took place during the NBA’s off-season.   >>>
My picks for week 8 - Football - 2010-10-29Coming off a solid showing last week where I went 3 for 3 in our choice selections, I’ll be looking to add to your bankroll as we roll into a fresh week of pigskin.   >>>
Texas in 5 - Baseball - 2010-10-27I’m not going to beat around the bush. Texas is going to win the World Series in 5 games. And there are two specific reasons why. Reason number one: Cliff Lee. Reason number two: Cliff Lee.   >>>
Monday hockey - Hockey - 2010-10-25Here are my NHL selections for Monday night.   >>>
My picks for week 7 - Football - 2010-10-22Fresh off a rebound performance and a solid showing in Week 6, we’re back and ready to tackle this week’s card on miseojeu.com with point spread and a couple of Total Plays.   >>>
Good old hockey game - Hockey - 2010-10-20It’s our very first crack at tackling the NHL here on miseojeu.com.   >>>
Monday action - Multi Sports - 2010-10-18Let’s hit two of Monday’s biggest games.   >>>
My picks for Week 6 - Football - 2010-10-15A new canvas on which to paint our masterpiece in Week 6 of the NFL. Fine, not the greatest of opening lines but we’re feeling good going into the weekend.   >>>
Thanksgiving Day Stuffing! - Multi Sports - 2010-10-13Tampa Bay and Montréal have played back and forth with each other over their last eight meetings, with four wins each.   >>>
Monday thoughts - Multi Sports - 2010-10-11But that was last week, old news. It's a new day, a new week with fresh prospects. So let's do it right.   >>>
My picks for Week 5 - Football - 2010-10-08You’re going to find my NFL plays here in this space each and every Friday. The plan is to bring you my three top plays for that week.   >>>
Sports fans time of year - Multi Sports - 2010-10-06Pass me the Doritos because it's Go Time!   >>>
The Fall Classic. Will it? - Baseball - 2010-10-01Who will win the final round in the playoffs? Probably a National League's team this year.   >>>


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